Data warehouses and data lakes

Eliminate data silos in your organization and leverage data to drive business decisions using third-party tools.

Organizations need to bring all their data together when answering questions that drive business decisions. Data warehouses and data lakes solutions enable organizations to run all workloads including traditional business intelligence, advanced analytics, machine learning-driven predictive analytics, and data applications. 

Learn how to get the full benefits of cloud data lakes without compromising the productivity of your data and operations teams.

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These solutions available in AWS Marketplace allow organizations to manage structured and unstructured data to get the full benefits of cloud data lakes and warehouses.

Cloudera Public Cloud delivers powerful self-service analytics across cloud environments, along with sophisticated security and governance policies.

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Cloudwick's Amorphic Data Cloud for AWS helps organizations gain deeper insights from their data by making any data shareable, searchable, and analyzable by any user. 


Databricks enables organizations to manage all their data, analytics and artificial intelligence on one unified data platform.

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Dremio Enterprise delivers lightning-fast query speed and a self-service semantic layer operating directly against your data lake storage.

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MongoDB Atlas helps ensure availability, scalability, and security compliance by using intelligent automation to maintain performance at scale.

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Redis Enterprise Cloud is a fully-managed cloud service for hosting and running your Redis dataset with high availability and infinite scalability.

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Snowflake Data Cloud, eliminate data silos and run your data workloads from a single platform.
Teradata Vantage on AWS is a connected cloud data platform for enterprise analytics that helps unlock the value of data.

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BigID’s actionable data intelligence platform enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, security, and governance.


Learn about the latest practices on how to analyze data to obtain deeper insights with resources from AWS Marketplace.

Learn how to use third party data to improve customer experiences, advance research, and innovate faster.

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Learn how to transform and extract data to achieve desired outcomes using data transformation, modern DevOps practices, and value stream management. 

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Learn how to navigate return-to-work initiatives and innovative tools available to support your workforce.

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Key benefits of using third-party solutions available in AWS Marketplace

Quickly get from data to insights

Allow business users and experienced data analysts to turn data into actionable insights.

Automate data preparation

Prepare, secure, and govern data for data warehouses, analytics, line of business applications, and machine learning.

Database management at massive scale

Build your data lake, data warehouse, or data application and power the analytics needs of your organization.