Natural language processing

Explore how pre-trained machine learning models can help build solution, analyze sentiment from articles, tackle text similarity, classify text, help translate text in multiple languages, all to improve your customer’s experience using ML.

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Build insights from your CRM data

Incorporating sentiment analysis using data collected from multiple sources can provide additional layers of insights into your customers' behavior and help you anticipate their needs. Deriving insights from text helps automate and streamline processes, reduce operational costs, and improve efficiencies in business processes. Natural language processing helps resolve issues that are simple and repetitive, which can increase customer satisfaction, and improve agent productivity.

Learn how to build customer feedback and social media analytics dashboards.

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The following solutions from AWS Marketplace sellers focus on Amazon Sagemaker for model delivery.


Natural Language Sentence Generator is a transformer based model that helps to increase the diversity of data available for training models.

See how it works:
See how it works:

ElectrifAi's Recommendation Engine builds customer ranking score models in different consumption categories to see the response in a certain campaign.

See how it works:
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Banking FAQ Intent Matching ML model is trained on varying utterances and FAQs about banking services and predicts the closest intent for a given question.

How to integrate natural language processing for better analytics

Learn how to build customer feedback and social media analytics dashboards and how to boost rankings of the search results and build rich filtering.


Build ML applications faster

Plug and play pre-trained machine learning models from third-party sellers across various use cases without sharing the data outside your environment.

Reduce time for data prep

Use pre-trained models and solutions that can help identify high-quality data from your overall data set suitable for training the ML models.

Simple feature engineering

Leverage models and solutions to identify and extract additional features from your data that can be used to train your own downstream models.


Learn about the latest practices on how to analyze data to obtain deeper insights with resources from AWS Marketplace.
Learn how to augment low-confidence predictions with manual reviews using Amazon Augmented AI.
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Learn how to provide audio instructions for sight-impaired users.
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Data scientists to develop, train, and tune natural language (NLP) models more quickly and easily.