Text Analytics

Automate text extraction, generate insights, and perform translation of documents in multiple languages with pre-trained models.

BUILD AI AND ML POWERED SOLUTIONS FASTER    |    Pre-trained machine learning models available in AWS Marketplace.


Improve decision-making with actionable insights

Operating in a global environment requires the management of large volumes of documents and language localization. Document analysis solutions can help create summaries or abstracts, translate text into multiple languages, and extract industry-specific information from unstructured text and documents. Examples include emails, social media feeds, news articles, product reviews, to name a few.

Learn how to deploy pre-trained model PT-2 XL to perform tasks such as text generation, question answering, reading comprehension, translation, and text summarization.

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The following solutions from AWS Marketplace sellers focus on Amazon Sagemaker for model delivery.


Mphasis DeepInsightsTM Text Summarizer runs an extractive model that determines and concatenates relevant sentences from a document.

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ElectrifAi's Contract Clause Extraction helps to leverage training data from thousands of contracts to properly identify and extract pertinent information.
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Experimenting with GPT-2 XL machine learning model package on Amazon SageMaker

Learn how to subscribe to and deploy a pretrained GPT-2 XL model, available in AWS Marketplace, to Amazon SageMaker to process natural language.


Build ML applications faster

Plug and play pre-trained machine learning models from third-party sellers across various use cases without sharing the data outside your environment.

Reduce time for data prep

Use pre-trained models and solutions that can help identify high-quality data from your overall data set suitable for training the ML models.

Simple feature engineering

Leverage models and solutions to identify and extract additional features from your data that can be used to train your own downstream models.


Learn about the latest practices on how to analyze data to obtain deeper insights with resources from AWS Marketplace.
Learn how to overcome manual and error-prone document processes by using machine learning.
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Automate and scale the process of capturing user information during airline or hotel check-in (KYC).

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Learn how to extract data from documents using Amazon Textract.
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