Machine Learning in Healthcare

Accelerate insights to improve outcomes and make data-driven decisions, while complying with the healthcare industry regulatory requirements.

BUILD AI AND ML POWERED SOLUTIONS FASTER    |    Pre-trained machine learning models available in AWS Marketplace.


Predictive analytics, vision & text processing

End-to-end patient care requires getting relevant information at the health providers' fingertips. This includes health history, disease propensity, medical images, and lab results to help them improve the accuracy of diagnosis, such as cancers. Machine learning solutions help uncover lifesaving insights, identify trends and make predictions, improve clinical and operational efficiency, and achieve better outcomes.

With AWS machine learning, healthcare companies are powering a new level of clinical excellence, driving better medical results across the entire patient lifecycle.

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The following solutions from AWS Marketplace sellers focus on Amazon Sagemaker for model delivery.

ElectrifAi's Missing Charges models can predict the probability certain medical codes are missing from the charges listed on the provider's medical claim.
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Persistent Systems

Persistent's Prediction of Patient Readmission Rate model predicts when a discharged patient will be admitted again within a specified time interval.


Build ML applications faster

Plug and play pre-trained machine learning models from third-party sellers across various use cases without sharing the data outside your environment.

Reduce time for data prep

Use pre-trained models and solutions that can help identify high-quality data from your overall data set suitable for training the ML models.

Simple feature engineering

Leverage models and solutions to identify and extract additional features from your data that can be used to train your own downstream models.
Manifest MedEx

InterSystems will help us connect the dots on every patient record, delivering the information California payers and providers need as they move toward value-based care"

—David Kates, Chief Technology Officer, Manifest MedEx


Learn about the latest practices on how to analyze data to obtain deeper insights with resources from AWS Marketplace.

Go beyond traditional optical character recognition (OCR) and extract text from financial, healthcare, and legal documents quickly.
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Learn how to incorporate natural language processing to extract relevant medical information from transcriptions.
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Learn how to build a highly scalable machine learning (ML) pipeline.
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