DoD Cloud IaC for AWS

Accelerate your cloud adoption with automated landing zone deployment and a pre-configured ATO

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Supporting the DoD's missions and mission owners

Adoption of cloud services in the DoD requires time and resources that may not be readily available due to mission demands and operational tempo. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a DevOps concept that leverages automation to build out foundational cloud environments ready to be customized to mission-specific requirements, significantly reducing the upfront investment of both time and money that can slow the adoption of cloud capabilities.

Accelerate the DoD's cloud journey

Utilizing DoD Cloud IaC for AWS, DoD customers can deploy approved landing zones in less than a day. By leveraging IaC automation to generate preconfigured, preauthorized, Platform as a Service (PaaS)-focused landing zones, AWS Cloud environments can be immediately consumed for development and test workloads by DoD customers. Plus, they support an accelerated accreditation model for production workloads. Whenever possible, DoD Cloud IaC leverages native security services offered by Cloud Service Providers (CSP) over traditional datacenter tools.

Eliminate timely ATO processes

DoD Cloud IaC for AWS received a three-year Authority to Operate (ATO), with conditions, from DISA’s Risk Management Executive. The ATO reduces the assessment and authorization burden for mission owners, to include the inheritance of 103 common controls and 295 control correlation identifiers (CCI) in the Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Services (eMASS) system. It is currently ATO'd for both IL5 and IL6 workloads.

Deploy pre-configured service offerings

Beyond the foundational environment deployments, DoD Cloud IaC for AWS includes a set of DISA-authorized, pre-configured offerings available through the AWS Service Catalog. These services decrease time to operational capability for a wide array of use cases and accelerate mission owners’ deployment of a tailored cloud environment. DoD Cloud IaC for AWS also provides customers the opportunity to move up the stack and leverage higher level native AWS Managed Services, which increases the number of controls inherited from the cloud services provider.

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What customers say about solutions in AWS Marketplace

DENIX was able to accelerate their digital transformation through timely, cost-effective, and secure cloud deployment facilitated by DoD Cloud IaC for AWS

"The DENIX program sees DoD Cloud Infrastructure as Code for AWS as a digital transformation accelerator. By adopting the preapproved baseline, we reduce our deployment timelines, stay within budget, enhance cybersecurity, and expedite the ATO authorization process. DOD IaC helps transform DENIX into customer focused platform service that enables capabilities delivery at the speed of relevance at the least possible cost."

Poppy Harrover

Program Manager, The DoD Environment, Safety and Occupational Health Network and Information Exchange (DENIX) 

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Benefit from the AWS cloud and its ability to scale horizontally or vertically at a moment's notice to suit your mission requirements.

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