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Start building with up to $100,000 USD in AWS credits

AWS Activate Portfolio is a free program designed for startups and entrepreneurs that provides AWS credits, AWS Support credits, training, exclusive offers, go-to-market support and more.

These benefits are designed to give you the right mix of tools, resources and expert support to quickly get started on AWS and grow your business. Whether you are just getting started, or already building on AWS, AWS Activate helps you go further.

Explore the benefits of AWS Activate Portfolio

Build and scale with free AWS credits

Build, grow, and scale with up to $100,000 in AWS credits. AWS credits, valid for one or two years, are applied to your AWS bill to help cover costs associated with eligible AWS Services. For more information about eligible services, visit Redeem Your AWS Promotional Credit.

Get technical help anytime, anywhere

Receive 24/7 access to technical support and general architectural guidance from AWS Cloud support engineers with up to $10,000 in AWS Business Support plan credits. You can open an unlimited number of support cases while your support plan is active.

Take your startup further

Accelerate your startup with content, tools, and resources on choosing the right AWS services, building on AWS, optimizing costs, and more. Plus, the Activate Console also makes it easy to track and monitor your AWS credits and costs, take advantage of exclusive offers, and get real-time updates on the health of your AWS environment.

Thrive with exclusive offers

Take advantage of exclusive offers only available to AWS Activate members including free services, products and memberships. We’ve carefully curated offers from trusted organizations such as Brex, Datadog, and HubSpot, to help your business get ahead, faster.

New! Build on AWS templates

Build scalable, reliable, and secure infrastructure tailored to your use case in minutes. Built by the experts at AWS, Build on AWS is a collection of infrastructure templates and reference architectures covering a wide variety of solutions curated specifically for startups.

How to apply and get started

Step 1

First make sure you have an AWS account. If not, you can create one for free here.

Step 2

Next click here to apply for AWS Activate Portfolio or use the link your Activate Provider shared with you.

Step 3

Complete the application form in full and submit – it takes just a few minutes to complete.

Step 4

Look out for a confirmation email from AWS. It takes on average 7-10 business days to process applications.

Step 5

Start building on AWS! The world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform.

Eligibility criteria

To apply to AWS Activate Portfolio, your startup must meet the following criteria:

  • Startup must be unfunded or funded (up to and including Pre-Seed, Angel, Seed, Debt Finance, and Series A)
  • Have your Activate Provider’s organization ID
  • A functioning company website
  • An active AWS account
  • Must not have previously received AWS credits at equal or greater value from the same or different Activate Provider
  • Must not have exceeded $100,000 in redeemed AWS Activate credits
  • Startup must be less than 10 years old

There’s a reason the world’s fastest-growing startups use AWS: we’re on a mission to help you succeed, from inception to IPO.

“AWS Activate is a must for a technical founder like myself building a SaaS product. As a bootstrapped startup, Activate gave Yallhands the lifeline to flexibly build whatever was necessary to secure our first major clients without sacrificing ideal infrastructure choices or cutting into the grocery budget. The more we build, the more we lean on its seemingly limitless capabilities. It’s turned me into a die-hard fan.”

-Mark Zuppe
Founder & CEO at Yallhands

Learn more about startups on AWS

Thousands of startups are leveraging AWS Activate to build and grow their business. Learn how startups, including DoorDash, Airbnb, Ralali, and Deliveroo have transformed their businesses using AWS.

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