“AWS Wavelength and Vodafone 5G and MEC technologies provide our vehicles with ultra-low latency and expansive bandwidth, which lets us to monitor our autonomous vehicles in real time, via safe and secure communications. The assured high-bandwidth connectivity between multiple vehicles, the central control room, and our servers, supports critical uses such as remote supervision and first-person video feeds. AWS Wavelength’s high-connectivity availability enables the excellent quality of service critical to our future plans.” 

Simon Brewerton, Chief Technology Officer, Aurrigo

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“AWS Wavelength on Verizon’s 5G Edge provides that intelligence to doctors during the exam improving the patient experience and potential outcomes, and fundamentally changing the diagnostic process.”

Raj Nair, Acting CEO

“Brains Technology’s anomaly detection helps predict equipment failures to help customers reduce manufacturing downtime. We use various types of sensor data in the factory, perform statistical processing on an AI inference server to detect the anomalies, and then transmit that data to devices for notifications like signal light for workers. This requires the scale of cloud compute and storage, and the low latencies of 5G networks. The combination of AWS Wavelength and KDDI 5G MEC is ideal for this use.”

Sawako Hamanaka, CEO, Brains Technology.

“The combination of AWS Wavelength and the Broadpeak content delivery network (CDN) at the very edge of the mobile network brings us closer to consumers than ever, resulting in superior experiences. With network congestion being avoided and more bandwidth being available in the mobile network, the viewing experiences are free of rebuffering, delivered with a fast start-time, and with nearly no latency compared to the broadcast stream. Using AWS Wavelength to host the Broadpeak CDN allows video service providers to dynamically manage and adjust their CDN resources based on localised spikes in consumer demand. Deploying the Broadpeak software in Wavelength Zones is easy, and we did it in just one day. We believe Wavelength and Broadpeak will soon deliver new immersive experiences that are difficult to scale to large audiences today, like 4K video and virtual, augmented, and mixed reality.”

Jacques Le Mancq, CEO and President Broadpeak

Media and Information Service Business Group
“One of the biggest challenges to getting our product installed is the vast infrastructure requirement. Typically, we require miles of Ethernet cable, racks of servers, and things. Being able to use Verizon 5G and AWS Wavelength to do that processing and that backbone significantly opens up the opportunities of the places and the locations that you might place that equipment. So far, we’ve seen some really great results using the 5G technology combined with using AWS Wavelength. We see a bright future where we are deploying at venues around the country and using our data to help the venues open safely.”

Ray Gibson, VP of Engineering

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“DeepFine is working with to 5G connected AR glasses for more efficient, accurate maintenance of public assets, such as roads, cell towers, fire hydrants, and water reservoirs, and overall public safety. AWS Wavelength on SKT’s 5G network will let us process enormous amounts of data and enable real-time communications between remote sites and corporate HQ so managers can assess data in real-time and make decisions faster”

Hyunbae Kim, CEO of DeepFine

Media and Information Service Business Group
"Dedrone has integrated its airspace security platform into Vodafone Business’s distributed multi-access edge computing powered by AWS Wavelength, allowing rapid drone detection, enabling quick installation and keep everyone safer. Sites of critical importance now can seamlessly upgrade their security programs to protect their lower airspace. Dedrone detects, classifies and locates drones in real time and empower customers with vital security alerts, so they have the advantage when faced with malicious or unauthorized drone interference. When it comes to responding to drone incursions, advanced sensor connectivity makes an incredible difference.”

Aaditya Devarakonda, CEO

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“With AWS Wavelength on the Verizon 5G edge, we get the ultra-low latency and proximity needed to reduce the distance between servers and end users with a single, elegant solution. By tightly integrating game studio backends and edge computing infrastructures with AWS Wavelength, Edgegap can reduce lag by more than half, increase fairness, improve total player experiences, and help reduce churn and increase revenue for studios.”

Mathieu Duperré, Edgegap founder and CEO

“With this project, I hoped to connect actors and audiences despite the Covid-19 situation and to create a traditional way of performance in a cloud space. While watching the play, I was able to see the possibility of performing arts through a real-time video platform and look forward to have more real-time plays being made online.”

Lucas Lee, CEO of Gooroomee

“Groopview is a unique mobile platform where social media meets TV. Groopview lets consumers watch licensed and free video content in sessions that combine video streaming, video chat, texting, and response capture all in real time. Groopview app automatically synchronizes video delivery across different types of devices and network connections, using a breakthrough technology for synchronization. Groopview uses AWS Wavelength at the Verizon 5G network edge and at the edge on Vodafone’s 5G network to enhance the user experience. Leveraging ultra-low latency connections to AWS cloud compute and storage very close to mobile devices enables us to make sure everyone is watching the same frame of content at the same time. Using AWS Wavelength, EC2 and Elastic Block Storage, we have seen an order of magnitude reduction in latency. Wavelength along with AWS Regions can enable us to scale quickly and globally as demand increases.”

Delmond Newton, Founder and CEO, Groopview

“The combination of 5G and C-V2X edge computing not only can offer increased vehicular safety by informing drivers of road work restrictions, speed limit warnings and forward collision warnings, but also gives consumers unprecedented access to their favorite content faster than ever before. With the combination of Verizon 5G Edge, AWS Wavelength, and HARMAN’s automotive industry leading 5G Edge technology, consumers can enjoy exceptional availability of all their favorite content wherever they may be.”

Ram Iyer, Senior Director of Telematics Engineering at HARMAN

“Energy power grids demand precise time synchronization for a variety of Intelligent Electronic Devices that are located over often vast geographical distances and that coordinate the integration of a variety of grid assets powering operations. With a time difference error of only 2 milliseconds seen during testing of Wavelength on the KDDI 5G network, this solution holds promise for future developments in electrical measurement applications used in commercial power supply measurement. It also will expand the range of power measurements by making it possible to measure simultaneously anywhere in a wide area, regardless of where the equipment is installed.”

Kunihisa Kubota, Director of Innovation Center

LooxID Labs
“We are excited to share with the world our immersive XR experiences using Verizon 5G Edge with AWS Wavelength. With 5G and MEC, top-quality content can now be viewed in a richer, more enhanced way. By delivering content that is rendered on a GPU a hundred times more powerful than the mobile device GPU, we can achieve an experience with millions of polygons streamed seamlessly with low latency giving the end user a truly unique experience.”

Benny Arbel, CEO of Inception XR

“Producing large-space AR applications for something that’s commercially viable and works with real customer requires ultra-low latencies, massive bandwidth, and high-speed network connectivity with 5G-enabled devices. AWS Wavelength and Vodafone enable Immersal to support accelerated development of applications that use data-enriched visual imagery and information such as location mapping and overlaying real-time updates for consumers.” 

Anttoni Vesterinen, CEO, Immersal

“By integrating AWS Wavelength into the Vodafone 4G/5G network, our team at InterDigital was able to deliver the environment that enables our use cases. The success of emerging smart factory use cases depends on the edge being integrated within the 5G network, and partners to bring these technologies together,” 

Alain Mourad, director of engineering R&D, InterDigital. 

“By leveraging Vodafone 5G and AWS Wavelength when performing distributed biometrics, it we are able to greatly improve speed and authentication latency time, which in turn provides an optimum user experience without compromising on user privacy and security. We’re excited to see how this technology can help customers across areas from education to mobile payments.” 

Gal Steimberg, VP of product, Keyless

“We are using AWS Wavelength with Vodafone 5G and MEC to support the use of analytics on existing cameras and the deployment of new cameras. Machine learning is deployed into the 5G network to analyze video streams in real time from the camera, providing a wide and growing range of use cases including personal protective equipment (PPE) usage, stock management, spill detection, age verification, office occupancy and health and safety. Extremely high network quality of service enabled by AWS Wavelength’s ultra-low latency and the high-speed Vodafone 5G network will come to the fore as video resolutions increase and more locations are added.  This enables new solutions to be deployed and reduces the cost of ownership compared to traditional edge compute architectures.” 

Alex Taylor, CEO, Net4.

LooxID Labs
“Looxid Labs has successfully developed a VR-optimized cognitive assessment and training system using biometrics to assess cognitive function in the elderly, generally those over 60 years of age. We’re collaborating with Busan University Hospital to better monitor and assess patients’ cognitive impairment. In order to do this we transfer patient bio-signals over SKT’s 5G edge network, leveraging AWS Wavelength to process, store, and analyze the data within a secure telecom infrastructure.”

Chae Yong-Wook, Founder and CEO

“With Amazon Wavelength’s ultra-low latency and high throughput, we can immediately access AWS Services to perform inference at the edge and use predictive analytic logic using data streamed from local sources to notify drivers about hazards and help prevent collisions.”

Ravi Puvvala, CEO

 “We’re helping our customers remove on-premises data storage and compute equipment and ad hoc networks so that they can further reduce costs and deployment time. We are also helping customers use machine learning to provide deeper insights and to speed up data collection times. Both of these initiatives require substantial speed, bandwidth, and quality of service, and we are turning to AWS Wavelength and 5G to remove costly equipment and increase our data delivery speeds.” 

Dugald Macdonald, CEO and co-founder, Sportable.

”In sports, seconds matter – it can be the difference between winning and losing – that’s why we are excited about the potential of ultra-low latency provided by AWS Wavelength and Verizon 5G Edge.”

Davyeon Ross, co-founder and president of ShotTracker

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“By combining AWS Wavelength with our Solution at the edge of telco providers’ 5G networks, we can optimize video quality, instantly deliver high-quality of service experiences on a by-customer basis, and create more immersive content with much less reliance on end users’ hardware. AWS and Wavelength are also giving us a much faster path to market.”

Alido Di Giovanni, Co-founder and President of Summit Tech

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Media and Information Service Business Group
"We also believe that our skills and experience in online game development will be crucial in creating more interactive live streaming experience, demand for which is growing rapidly these days. That is why we developed a live streaming application with a game mode to test how it can be used with 5G to create a more vivid experience for players. We then tested it with two users in duel dual mode to check a reaction time (one user with AWS Wavelength 5G and the other with 4G). As a result, the player with 5G had a higher-quality grade visual experience and higher win rate than the player with using 4G."

Toshiyuki Yasui, President

“Earlier this year, we started using robots for our popular Baedal Minjok service in the first public use of food delivery robots in Korea. Our self-driving Dilly Drive robots, which carry about six lunch boxes, can detect and avoid objects, people and pets, and have a remote control override capability if they get stuck. Earlier this year, we relied on the AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region when we tested our delivery robot. Now, we look forward to further enhancing customer experiences with SKT’s 5G network and AWS Wavelength.”

Joseph Kim, Head of Robot Business Department, Woowa Bros.

Media and Information Service Business Group
“For us it’s really a privilege to be able to work together with two such amazing companies as AWS and Verizon. Our entire infrastructure was already working on AWS. So porting that from AWS to Verizon MEC, which is based on Wavelength was really simple. One of the great things about edge computing is that you can offload computing from your device to the edge, so your device can become smaller, can be lighter, and can have longer battery times. The ideal device that we foresee is going to be something pretty much indistinguishable from your sun glasses. And that will be a device that will cover both VR and AR. It will change the way it you watch sports and live events. We really think it’s going to change the world.”

Sebastian Amengual, Co-founder and CTO

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