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Architecture Monthly Magazine: 5G

In our 5G issue, we discuss the evolution, implementation and trends for 5G. We’ve included some case studies from Verizon and Ericsson, and take a look at Ribbon SBC SWe and network-slicing with Cloudify. There are detailed Reference Architectures for you to check out, and videos on DISH, Verizon, AWS Wavelength, VR, Automotive, and Telefónica.

We’d like to thank Young Jung, our Expert, for his contribution to this issue. We hope you find it useful and informative.

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In this month’s 5G issue:

  • Ask an Expert: Young Jung, Ph.D., Principal Solutions Architect, 5G & NFV
  • Case Study: Verizon Accelerates 5G Network Capability Launch Using AWS
  • Quick Start: Ribbon SBC SWe on AWS
  • Blog: Implementing 5G Network Slicing with Cloudify on AWS
  • Whitepaper: 5G Network Evolution with AWS
  • Reference Architecture: Deploying 5G Core on AWS
  • Case Study: Ericsson Delivers Low-Latency Communication with 5G at the Edge Using AWS Outposts
  • Reference Architecture: Deploying E2E 5G Network with AWS
  • Blog: Open source mobile core network implementation on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service
  • Whitepaper: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for 5G Networks on AWS
  • Videos: DISH; Verizon; AWS Wavelength; VR Adoption; All Things Automotive, Telefónica

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Jane Scolieri

Jane Scolieri

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