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Welcome to the AWS Architecture Blog

At Amazon Web Services we have the great fortune to work on many interesting large-scale distributed systems, as well as the privilege to observe our customers achieve audacious goals. Many highly available services, web sites, and business systems have been built on top of Amazon Web Services.

The AWS Architecture blog will dive a little deeper than our documentation or announcements and provide further information and technical details for customers interested in building more highly available applications and services on top of Amazon Web Services.

We’ll be disharing posts from many AWS team members covering areas including, but not limited to:

  • High availability configurations for using AWS services
  • Relentless and creative testing
  • Architecture best practices for Amazon Web Services
  • Deployment and operational best practises
  • Comprehensive and speedy monitoring
  • Compartmentalization and fault isolation

To get future posts, please check back often or subscribe to our blog using the RSS feed button at the top of the page or our twitter account (@AWSArchitecture).

If you have requests to cover specific topics, please let us know in the comments.

Colm MacCarthaigh

Colm MacCarthaigh

Colm is a Senior Principal Engineer at AWS.