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ICYMI: Cloud-based data storage, driving innovation, and sustainability reporting journeys

When we talk about the Plan and Evaluate use case in the context of Cloud Financial Management, we refer to several use cases that all contribute to understanding and evaluating the economic performance of your IT investment, in alignment with your specific business priorities. We focus on the tools, resources, and best practices you can use to make data-driven business decisions that help not only identify, but quantify the value of the cloud to your business. And that goes beyond cost savings.

For this month’s ICYMI resources, we’re sharing these articles from the AWS blogosphere that shed light on how cloud-based data storage, innovation, and sustainability reporting all contribute to the acceleration of your business’s successful digital transformation. As you plan to migrate or modernize your workloads, you can increase speed-to-market and agility, double down on customer obsession, and create new value streams responsibly and sustainably, all with cost optimization in mind.

[AWS Smart Business Blog]

1. Four reasons why small and medium businesses are moving data storage to the cloud

The ever-increasing digitization of our world translates to the growth of data creation at a staggering rate. In this blog, four companies share their top business continuity concerns, typically about data security, storage, and resiliency. Hear how each of them is storing, managing and protecting their data, while lowering costs, streamlining operations, and enhancing business agility.

💡 Hear how innovative customers are storing and protecting their data

[AWS Cloud Operations & Migrations Blog]

2. Move over IT, here comes innovation

Companies are always seeking ways to innovate faster and more effectively. This, in large part, is enabled by the fact that technology and innovation are no longer separate corporate initiatives that compete, with cloud computing providing infinite flexibility and scalability. This blog breaks down the reasons why cloud computing accelerates innovation, presenting four pillars that every organization’s cloud strategy should account for.

🚀 Explore the four pillars of cloud-enabled innovation

[AWS Enterprise Strategy Blog]

3. Seven-step roadmap for CEOs and CFOs who are embarking on sustainability reporting journeys

There is increasing interest in environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) among customer executives, with a need for sustainability reporting being driven by both new regulations and a demand for transparency from the public and investors. With that, companies across the world need to formulate their sustainability risk management strategies and execution plans. This blog presents a seven-step roadmap that provides high-level guidance for senior corporate leaders on how to prepare for sustainability reporting requirements in the US, Europe, and other parts of the world.

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Gena Chung

Gena Chung

Gena is a Digital Campaigns Manager for AWS Billing and Cost Management services. She focuses on helping customers understand and adopt cloud financial management solutions to harness the value of the AWS cloud, and transform their business through cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization.