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Measure and track cloud efficiency with sustainability proxy metrics:Establish a metrics pipeline

Measure and track cloud efficiency with sustainability proxy metrics, Part II: Establish a metrics pipeline

This blog post series provides an overview on how to establish a sustainability proxy metrics showback mechanism for teams wanting to optimize their AWS usage for sustainability. In Part I, we’ve covered the motivation for sustainability proxy metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs). We explained the concept of usage based metrics, normalization and inclusion of […]

Measure and track cloud efficiency with sustainability proxy metrics, Part I: What are proxy metrics?

Sustainability has become an important decision-making factor for customers, employees, regulators, investors, and partners. Customers have started their journey towards a sustainable business and operations. If you’re building, deploying, and maintaining IT infrastructure, reducing its environmental impact is an important step in reaching company-wide sustainability goals. Thus, sustainability has become a non-functional requirement in modern […]

Increased visibility of your carbon emissions data with AWS Customer Carbon Footprint Tool

The Customer Carbon Footprint Tool now supports the CSV download option, giving you the ability to review carbon footprint data in detail and ingest the data into other reporting systems for further analysis and information sharing. It has also lowered the carbon reporting threshold from one decimal place to three decimal places, which means the carbon emission data is now available at 0.00X metric tons of CO2e, from the previous 0.X metric tons of CO2e.

ICYMI: Cloud-based data storage, driving innovation, and sustainability reporting journeys

When we talk about the Plan and Evaluate use case in the context of Cloud Financial Management, we refer to several use cases that all contribute to understanding and evaluating the economic performance of your IT investment, in alignment with your specific business priorities. We focus on the tools, resources, and best practices you can use […]