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2022 CFM Peer Connect recap: What are customers doing to allocate shared costs?

The Cloud Financial Management (CFM) Peer Connect is a peer-focused interactive virtual event, providing AWS customers an environment to have an unbiased, open exchange of ideas and best practices relating to transforming your business with cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization. We share the top three ways customer have told us they allocate shared costs.

Using the right tools for your cloud cost forecasting

We’re at the final blog of our forecasting series! If you’ve been following along the past few weeks, you have explored creating a process for more effective forecasting, establishing a forecasting culture, and building driver-based forecasting. It is now time to put pen to paper and create your forecast. But where do you start? How […]

How to improve your cloud cost forecasting

It’s that time of year again, when companies are starting their 2023 planning. Since technology usage is often an organization’s highest expenditure after personnel costs, effectively forecasting cloud spend is vital to planning, negotiating, and achieving sustainable economies of scale as you grow and mature your business on the cloud. So, what can you can […]

ICYMI: Defining account strategy, achieving consistent cost tracking, and getting even more Well-Architected

In order to take advantage of the cloud’s agility, scalability, and speed-to-innovation, it’s essential to establish cost visibility and accountability. Transparent and accurate cost attribution helps you: Reduce waste and increase cost efficiency Measure ROI and align spend with business objectives, and Provide meaningful and actionable cost insights to help make more informed decisions about […]