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A colleague sent me a link to Google’s new Project Hosting site. The site is a handy place for developers to maintain project membership, store source code, and track bugs.

Out of curiosity I ran a query for Amazon and found four interesting projects:

  1. amazonws shows how to call ECS from Java using JAXB and XMLBeans.
  2. jsafe is a remote backup application.
  3. boto is a Python interface to several services, including S3 and SQS.
  4. leptonix is an S3 browser packaged as a Firefox extension.

The projects are accessible as Subversion repositories.

Leptonix looks like it will be pretty interesting, but I didn’t manage to get it running. To be fair, it is marked as version 0.1, so this was not a surprise. I installed the Tortoise client for Subversion, and downloaded the entire source tree to a temporary folder. I then put the entire contents of this folder into a ZIP file and renamed it to have an “.xpi” extension. I dropped this file onto the Firefox Extensions window, and it installed with no problems. I restarted Firefox but couldn’t find any UI changes that I could connect to the installation in any way. This is frustrating, because I spent some time browsing the code and there’s definitely something worthwhile at the heart of it! With any luck the developer will read this and tell me what I did wrong.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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