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Tradier – A Brokerage Cloud Running on AWS and NASDAQ FinQloud

Late last year I wrote about the new NASDAQ OMX FinQloud platform. FinQloud provides customers with cost-effective and efficient management, storage and processing of financial data. Today I’d like to tell you about an even higher-level platform that has been built on top of FinQloud and AWS. Tradier’s Brokerage in a Box Tradier has built […]

JumpBox for the AWS Free Usage Tier

We’ve teamed up with JumpBox to make it even easier and less expensive for you to host a WordPress blog, publish a web site with Drupal, run a Wiki with MediaWiki, or publish content with Joomla. You can benefit from two separate offers: The new JumpBox free tier trial for AWS customers lets you launch […]

HeyWatch – AWS-Powered Video Encoding

Update (December 2023) – Eric emailed to let me know that HeyWatch is now Coconut. I have adjusted the names and links in this post accordingly — Jeff; Earlier this week I spent some time on the phone with Eric Fontaine of Coconut (formerly HeyWatch). Eric gave me some background information on their video encoding […]

Sauce Labs – OnDemand Testing Service on EC2

Late last month I spent some time on the phone with John Dunham and Steve Hazel of Sauce Labs to learn more about their Sauce OnDemand testing service. The product is built around the popular Selenium testing tool and can actually make use of existing Selenium scripts for functionality and performance testing. John and Steve […]

FameTown – A New AWS-Powered Facebook Game

Amir of Diversion, Inc. wrote to tell me about his company’s newest release, an AWS-powered Facebook game called FameTown. FameTown lets you play the role of a movie star in a digital version of Hollywood. You can start on the D-List (a total unknown) and attempt to progress to the A-List, earning points by completing […]

TKLBAM – Turnkey Linux Backup and Migration

Liraz from Turnkey Linux sent me some information about their newest product TKLBAM – Turnkey Linux Backup and Migration. TKLBAM was designed to be a painless and fully automated backup and restore system that “magically” knows what to backup and what not to backup. They wanted to make sure that testing of backups was easy, […]

FindTheBest – AWS in Action

Mike from Cirrhus9 sent me some information about their recent implementation of FindTheBest. With his permission, I am sharing some of the details with you so that you can get a better idea of how a sophisticated developer brings together a wide variety of technologies in order to construct a complete web application. What is […]