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TKLBAM – Turnkey Linux Backup and Migration

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Liraz from Turnkey Linux sent me some information about their newest product TKLBAM – Turnkey Linux Backup and Migration.

TKLBAM was designed to be a painless and fully automated backup and restore system that “magically” knows what to backup and what not to backup. They wanted to make sure that testing of backups was easy, to avoid painful surprises (read this story to see how painful such a surprise can be). They also designed it to function as a migration system with the goal of allowing it to move a fully working system to another host in minutes.

They were able to meet all of these goals by storing the backups in Amazon S3, taking advantage of its eleven nines of durability and automatically routing requests to the closest S3 location. All backups are AES encrypted, and you can even use an escrow key for extra protection.

The backup and restore mechanism can also be used to migrate application from your desktop to the cloud, from cloud to desktop, or between different Linux distributions. All online starts at the Turnkey Hub:

You can manage backups:

And you can launch Turnkey Linux appliances on Amazon EC2:

You can learn more about TKLBAM by watching the screencast.

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