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A Couple of Little Items

If you need to create signed requests to AWIS or other Amazon web services and you are using JavaScript, this JavaScript MD5 code may be handy.

Update: Adam Kennedy notes that there’s another similar module, Digest::MD5. This module is part of the JavaScript Archive Network (JSAN) – not to be confused with JSON, the JavaScript Object Notation.

The EasyUtil recommendation service (with an API, of course) looks interesting.

Pamela Parker talks about Attack of the APIs. Shockingly enough, she quotes me in her opening sentence, proving that if you predict the future enough times, you’ll be right once in a while! Seriously, I have definitely seen lots of cool apps and APIs lately. Like I told someone yesterday, it seems like every day is my birthday on the web — I get lots of new shiny things to play with every day!

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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