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All new and improved S3Fox Organizer for Amazon S3

by Jeff Barr | on | in Developer Tools | | Comments

Earlier today Jeff barr told me that he uploaded all his photos to amazon S3 using S3Fox Organizer. S3Fox Organizer, developed by Rahul Jonna, is a firefox extension for managing your objects in Amazon S3. We had blogged about it earlier. Motivated by the number of hits he received, Rahul released a new version (v0.3) of his tool with some really cool features:

  1. Synchronize folders : By mapping your local folder with remote folder (on Amazon S3), it will automatically sync up all the files in the folders.
  2. Drag-n-drop files from the system (windows explorer, etc) to Amazon S3 : By clicking on the “s3fox” icon in the firefox statusbar (which will open a new panel) and simply dragging-n-dropping your files onto that panel, files will be uploaded to the remote directory you are currently in.

In this new version, he also fixed some content-type related bugs.

His slick “ACL manager” and very-useful “Copy URL to clipboard” features are also worth a look!!

Best part of this is: the tool is just a 70KB download and takes less than 5 seconds to install.

Nice Work Rahul!