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Amazon Underground – New Business Model for Android Apps

My friends and family members who build apps tell me that there’s a huge hurdle to cross on the road to monetization. Users are willing and eager to download new games and tools, but can be reluctant to pay to do so and expect a lot for free. While some apps make good use of In-App Purchasing (IAP) as a monetization vehicle and optimize for the (reported) 2% to 10% of the user base, many developers struggle to build an audience and a sustainable business model.

We aim to change things with the new Amazon Underground app for Android phones. This app builds upon the regular Amazon mobile shopping app, providing users with access to over ten thousand dollars in apps, games, and in-app purchases that are actually free. Underground apps and games are also available automatically on Kindle Fire HD and Fire HDX tablets.

As an app developer, you get paid $0.002 (1/5th of a cent) for every minute that a customer is using your Amazon Underground app. You can now focus on building apps that engage your users over the long term. You can build up long-term story lines, roll out additional content over time, and count on a continued revenue stream that is based on actual usage.

To learn more, register for a free developer account, read the eligibility and submission checklist, migrate to Amazon Underground, and submit your app to the Amazon Appstore and read this blog post.


Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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