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Another ECS Release

The Amazon E-Commerce Service has been updated! New features include:

  • ItemSearch now returns products from 25 search bins. The former limit was just 10 bins.
  • More Variation dimensions, including GemType, HardwarePlatform, OperatingSystem, ScentName, and TotalDiamondWeight, are now returned, as appropriate.
  • New search indexes are supported, include Toys in France, Watches in Japan, and Sporting Goods in the UK.
  • The ECS Developer Guide has been totally rewritten.
  • A new document, the ECS Getting Started Guide, is now available.
  • The release notes are now available in Japanese as well as in English.

We also fixed some bugs!

Read the release notice to learn more.

— Jeff;

PS – It is hard to believe, but we are coming up on the 5 year anniversary of the release of what was first called AWS, which later morphed into ECS. Per the AWS FAQ, the first release took place in July of 2002.