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AWS Cloud Storage for the Enterprise

There are a lot of storage options available to AWS users — Amazon S3, Elastic Block Storage, and the AWS Storage Gateway, along with ancillary services such as Amazon CloudFront for content distribution, AWS Direct Connect for dedicated network connections, and Amazon Elastic MapReduce for large-scale data processing.

Our customers are using these services to implement cloud-based backup, disaster recovery, and archiving for entire enterprises.

In order to help you make sense of all of these options and to give you a better sense of how AWS can help you, we have created a day-long event devoted to cloud storage for the enterprise.

The AWS Cloud Storage for the Enterprise event will take place on June 6th in New York, and will run from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. In addition to keynotes from Stephen Schmidt (Vice President, Security Engineering and Chief Information Security Officer for AWS) and Matt Tavis (AWS Solutions Architect), you will get to hear directly from AWS customers. Stephen will focus on the all-important question of data security in the cloud, and Matt will discuss the ways in which the cloud is transforming the storage strategies that our enterprise customers are putting in to play.

They’ll also coever some lesser-known topics such as cloud-as-a-tier, NAS-like functionality with the cloud, long term data archiving with high performance record retrieval, high speed data transfer in and out.

The event is free, but you will need to register.

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Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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