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AWS Direct Connect – New Locations and Console Support

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Did you know that you can use AWS Direct Connect to set up a dedicated 1 Gbps or 10 Gbps network connect from your existing data center or corporate office to AWS?

New Locations
Today we are adding two additional Direct Connect locations so that you have even more ways to reduce your network costs and increase network bandwidth throughput. You also have the potential for a more consistent experience. Here is the complete list of locations:

  • Equinix DC1 DC6 & DC10, Ashburn, VA – Connect to US East (Northern Virginia).
  • Equinix SV1 & SV5, San Jose, CA – Connect to US West (Northern California).
  • Equinix SG2, Singapore – Connect to Asia Pacific (Singapore).
  • Equinix TY2, Tokyo – Connect to Asia Pacific (Tokyo).

If you have your own equipment running at one of the locations listed above, you can use Direct Connect to optimize the connection to AWS. If your equipment is located somewhere else, you can work with one of our APN Partners supporting Direct Connect to establish a connection from your location to a Direct Connection Location, and from there on to AWS.

Console Support
Up until now, you needed to fill in a web form to initiate the process of setting up a connection. In order to make the process simpler and smoother, you can now start the ordering process and manage your Connections through the AWS Management Console.

Here’s a tour. You can establish a new connection by selecting the Direct Connect tab in the console:

After you confirm your choices you can place your order with one final click:

You can see all of your connections in a single (global) list:

You can inspect the details of each connection:

You can then create a Virtual Interface to your connection. The interface can connected to one of your Virtual Private Clouds or it can connect to the full set of AWS services:

You can even download a router configuration file tailored to the brand, model, and version of your router:

Get Connected
And there you have it! Learn more about AWS Direct Connect and get started today.



Modified 10/26/2020 – In an effort to ensure a great experience, expired links in this post have been updated or removed from the original post.
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