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AWS is Streaming Live on Twitch

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Twitch is one of the leading community streaming video platforms today for developers, gamers, and the artists. Each day, millions visit Twitch to watch and discuss their passions by joining live sessions with other passionate online streamers. Amazon Web Services has joined the fun by adding the AWS Twitch Channel this past November to bring the latest AWS technologies to the Twitch audience. The AWS Twitch Channel hosts weekly live interactive coding and maker sessions targeted toward all levels of cloud enthusiasts.  For more information on upcoming episodes, past broadcasts, or to meet the team, visit

The AWS Twitch channel will have multiple shows throughout the year, each with various themes, broadcasters, and topics. Currently, there are two shows available for you to tune into; Live Coding with AWS and AWS Maker Studio show.

The Live Coding with AWS show features fellow technical evangelists; Randall Hunt, Julio Faerman, and Abby Fuller building apps and solutions covering practically every AWS service from the perspective of the developer. What’s great about being part of the Twitch audience for the show is that you drive the direction of the broadcast.  Additionally, guests from Amazon, AWS, and the community will join our Twitch hosts to talk about cool new projects and implementations built on the AWS platform.

The AWS Maker Studio show premieres on May 17th and will cover projects and solutions especially for the Maker in all of us. The hosts; Todd Varland, Trevor Hykes, and Anupam Mishra will be building a cloud-connected robot over the course of the first season. Watch the first episode to see the first steps, and consider following along and building your own robot.

This May, there are several exciting Twitch sessions that we invite you to join, build, code, and make with us. This month’s schedule is as follows:

Live Coding with AWS

Wednesday, May 10

Presenter: Randall Hunt

2:00 PM PT – Building Chatbots with Lex

Thursday, May 11

Presenter: Julio Faerman

8:00 AM PT – Machine Learning

Friday, May 19

Presenter: Julio Faerman

8:00 AM PT – Cloud Concepts Review


AWS Maker Studio

Wednesday, May 17

4:30 PM PT – Build your First Cloud Connected Robot

Wednesday, May 24

4:30 PM PT – Sensing the Environment for your First Robot

Wednesday, May 31

4:30 PM PT – Connecting Your Robot to the Cloud


If you are interested the latest in AWS technologies or interested in connecting with other developers in the community, tune in each week on for interactive live coding with AWS experts. Also, don’t worry if you happen to miss a session, several episodes are available on demand.

We would love for you all to join the Twitch community by tuning into Twitch and the AWS Twitch Channel to stream, view, and interact with other developers, gamers, and makers while building in the cloud with us!

Hope to see you on the stream!


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Tara Walker

Tara Walker

[October 4, 2018, 1:42 PM] Park, Robin: Tara was a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, dedicating her time to help developers build apps, games, and technical solutions in the AWS cloud. Tara worked on evangelizing AWS cloud computing architectures and development for various technologies like Mobile, Gaming, IoT, AI, Serverless just to name a few. Tara’s background is as a software engineer & developer who has worked on wide-ranging development platforms and systems while leveraging a myriad of development languages across her various technical and engineering roles. Over her 20+ year career, she has been employed by Microsoft, Turner Broadcasting/Time Warner, Georgia Pacific, and various other Fortune 500 companies. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Georgia State University, and currently working on her Master’s degree in Computer Science (MSCS) at Georgia Institute of Technology. Tara's passion is to continue spreading the “good news” to diverse audiences about a plethora of technologies, development languages, and frameworks with a focus and proficiency in: - Cloud computing and Serverless architectures - IoT (Internet of Things) development - Mobile, Game, and Web development - Artificial Intelligence services and frameworks - NUI (Natural User Interfaces) & Biometric Interface service frameworks - Cross-Platform development frameworks You can find Tara on Twitter at @taraw.