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AWS Storage Gateway – Now Available in Brazil

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I’m pleased to announce that the AWS Storage Gateway is now available in our South America (So Paulo) Region.  The AWS Storage Gateway service connects an on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage to integrate your existing on-premises applications with the AWS storage infrastructure in a seamless, secure, and transparent fashion.  As I wrote in my overview when we launched the service in January, I see the AWS Storage Gateway being put to use in a number of interesting ways, including:

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – You can reduce your investment in hardware set aside for Disaster Recovery using a cloud-based approach. You can send snapshots of your precious data to the cloud on a frequent basis and use our VM Import service to move your virtual machine images to the cloud.

Backup – You can back up local data to the cloud without worrying about running out of storage space. It is easy to schedule the backups, and you don’t have to arrange to ship tapes off-site or manage your own infrastructure in a second data center.

Data Migration – You can move data from your data center to the cloud, and back, with ease.  For example, if youre running development and test environments in EC2, you can use the Storage Gateway to provide these environments with ongoing access to the latest data from your production systems on-premises.

Using the AWS Storage Gateway, data stored in your current data center can be backed up to Amazon S3 over an encrypted channel, where it is stored as Amazon EBS snapshots. Once there, you will benefit from S3’s low cost and intrinsic redundancy. In the event you need to retrieve a backup of your data, you can easily restore these snapshots locally to your on-premises hardware. You can also access them as Amazon EBS volumes, enabling you to easily mirror data between your on-premises and Amazon EC2-based applications.

With todays release, the AWS Storage Gateway is now available in all seven of the public AWS Regions. You can choose to upload your on-premises data to the Region (full map here) that is closest to you. You can also select the Region location that best addresses your special regulatory or business constraints for storing data.

You can get started easily with our free 60 day trial of the AWS Storage Gateway.  Simply visit the Management Console to begin.  After your trial ends, there is a charge of $125 per month for each activated gateway.  Snapshot storage pricing starts at $0.125 per Gigabyte-month in the US-East Region and $0.170 per Gigabyte-month in our South America Region.  If you have an hour or so, please watch the recorded version of our Storage Gateway webinar:

Extending our cloud storage service into our customers datacenters has very interesting challenges. We have taken the first step by simplifying the connection of customers existing on-premises applications with AWS storage, but we have plans to do a lot more.  If you want to play a part in this exciting space, consider joining the AWS Storage Gateway team. Below are our open positions (these jobs are all based in Seattle):

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