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AWS Summits for 2013 – Coming Soon to a City Near You

We’re running AWS Summits in 12 cities this year!

If you are a developer or a technical leader and you want to learn more about the AWS Cloud and how to put it to use, these free one-day events are for you. After a morning keynote by a senior AWS leader, you can choose from a number of breakout sessions on topics that will include AWS service overviews, deep dives, use cases, best practices for advanced users, and architecture.

Each Summit will conclude with a networking reception.

Summits will be held in New York City, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Berlin, Tokyo, Mumbai, Paris, Delhi, Bangalore, Singapore, and So Paulo. Click on the link for your city to register or pre-register (we’re still finalizing the details for a few of the cities).

Some of the Summits will be preceded by a day of Technical Bootcamps. We’re also debuting the AWS Cloud Kata (Japanese for “Form”) events as part of the Summits, a full day of live demos of the latest cloud computing best practices, illustrated by live demos. The Katas are designed for Start-up CTOs, developers, engineers, architects, system administrators, and data scientists



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Jeff Barr

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