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AWS June Webinars – Focus on TCO

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After a pair of very successful partner webinars in May on the important topic of security, we will turn our attention to the equally important topic of TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) in June. We’ll be holding two webinars on this topic (once again with the help and cooperation of our partners), at no charge.

The dynamic, flexible, pay-as-you-go nature of the AWS Cloud gives you the raw materials (servers, storage, bandwidth, and so forth) to build powerful, highly scalable applications that respond to changes in usage and server load by scaling up and down as needed. When combined with innovative business models such as Reserved Instances and Spot Instances, you have plenty of options in front of you and some decisions to make.

If, as many of our customers do, you adopt AWS for multiple projects spread across departments and divisions, tracking, optimizing, and minimizing your AWS bill can become challenging. Fortunately, several members of the AWS Partner Network provide tools, service, and expertise to help you to manage your costs and to optimize your spend. These partners will be participating in our webinars! Here’s what we have in store for you:

June 5 – AWS Cost Management – Tracking, Allocating, and Collaborating Spend With CloudCheckr
At 10:00 AM PT on June 5th, AWS and CloudCheckr will present the AWS Cost Management webinar. In this webinar you will learn how DevOps and Finance teams manage their cloud costs using AWS features such as resource tagging, detailed billing, and Reserved Instance (RI) purchases. In the webinar, you will learn how joint AWS / CloudCheckr customer DreamBox reduced their costs by using customizable reports, cost optimization recommendations, and an automated implementation of best practices.

June 12 – Best Practices to Reduce Your Cloud TCO With Cloudability
At 10:00 AM PT on June 12th, AWS and Cloudability will use the Best Practices to Reduce Your Cloud TCO webinar to share useful tips such as finding and shutting down AWS Resources that aren’t being used. The webinar will include a demonstration to show you how REA Group uses Cloudability’s tools to manage their infrastructure and reduce their own TCO across a large and complex set of global AWS deployments.

As always, these webinars are available at no charge. Space is limited and preregistration is recommended!


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