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If you are interested in both IBM software and Cloud Computing, there’s an online event that you need to know about. Its no secret that large enterprises are rapidly setting up shop in the Cloud. Applications that range from CRM to ERP to in-house infrastructure. Cloud computing removes so many barriers that adoption seems self evident: time to market, agility, cost, and resiliency are four of the top reasons.

Last February ago we blogged about the arrival of IBM software in the AWS cloud, and I have to say that I am impressed by IBMs innovative business pricing model that makes it easy for businesses to choose their operational environment based on technical elegance rather than licensing considerations. Enterprise software on demand definitely lowers the bar for software developers to evaluate and especially to build scalable applications.

On October 1st IBM and Amazon Web Services are teaming up to present a one-day online session for developers that offers a view into both worlds. That’s important, in my opinion, because while both companies have made access easy, there are still best practices that make your applications work even better in the cloud. You’ll hear directly from product teams about ways to use IBM software in an environment that is familiar yet just a little different. You’ll also hear from developers and ISVs currently using IBM software on the cloud.

You’ll also have the opportunity to try out IBM software on the AWS platform via hands-on labs. There is no cost for these labs, which will run live on Amazon EC2. Register here.


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