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I’ve been on the road a lot this past month, including trips to Orlando, Barcelona, London, and Las Vegas.

During that time I’ve met a lot of interesting people and have accumulated a whole bunch of relevant links:

  • eWeek just published a new article, Enomalism Helps Manage Virtual Machines. Read all about their viewpoint on this new web-based management tool for EC2 instances and images.
  • O’Reilly Radar just wrote about Jamglue Growth and Scaling. They spent just $1.50 per month on Amazon Web  Services during development, then $15 per month in beta, rising to $600 per month in production.
  • Greg Linden wrote about Yahoo Pig, a parallel processing architecture which runs on top of Hadoop. Pig makes it possible for “regular developers” to take advantage of a large number of processors to analyze gigantic data sets. Given that Hadoop already runs on top of EC2 and S3, I suspect that it won’t be long before we hear that Pig is running there as well.
  • Computerworld had some words to say about MySQL and S3, including a review of Mark Atwood’s new MySQL storage engine for S3. Mark has recently posted his MySQL 2007 conference presentation.
  • Paul Bissett from WeoGeo has an interesting post about Building a Web 2.0 Mapping Solution. Paul runs the numbers, noting that their hardware budget was about $500K, which was reduced to around $20K with liberal application of EC2 and S3 resources.
  • Coolchaser is a MySpace profile editing and styling tool, powered by EC2 and S3. You can read more about this on their blog.
  • Blingee is another S3-powered MySpace tool, serving up hundreds of thousands of images per day.

And that’s about all for today.

— Jeff;

Modified 2/1/2021 – In an effort to ensure a great experience, expired links in this post have been updated or removed from the original post.
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