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Instant Associates Store

GMP Services has released the Instant Associate Store; here is the full press release.

Take a look at the Sample Store to see what this product can do, and take a look at the sample screen shots to see how it works.

Features include:

  • Very easy setup and maintenance (3 step process to install)
  • Built-in URL re-writer to change database query URL’s into static URL’s
  • Product category pages have product image, title and brief description
  • Product detail also includes the product details such as type, manufacturer and other detailed information.
  • Product Titles auto inserted into page titles (top of web browser – meta title)
  • Add your own meta tag title, description and keywords via the admin area

And much more….

Have you built an application with AWS? Drop us a note at and tell us all about it.

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Jeff Barr

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