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New Amazon ECS Release

We’re excited to announce Amazon ECS version 2007-07-16. There are several changes from previous versions, outlined below:

  • This release introduces two new response groups: VariationMatrix and VariationOffers
    1. The VariationOffers response group enables you to retrieve the offers for the children of a parent ASIN. VariationOffers is a child response group of the Variations response group. VariationOffers differs by not returning item attributes for individual variations.
    2. The VariationMatrix response group returns, for a given parent ASIN, the variation dimension name and value of each child ASIN. If a returned item does not have variations, the VariationMatrix response group will not return any data.
  • This release introduces a new operation: TagLookup.
    TagLookup enables you to find items, guides, and Listmania lists using tags. A tag is a word or phrase that a customer on Amazons retail website associates with one of these entities. For example, a customer might tag a given entity with the phrase, BestCookbook.
  • ItemLookup, ItemSearch, and CustomerContentLookup have three, new, optional parameters.
    All three operations can now accept tag-related parameter values to find items based on tags. The input parameters, TagPage, TagsPerPage, and TagSort, help retrieve and organize tag-related response elements.
  • This release introduces tag-oriented response groups.
    The new, tag-related response groups are: TaggedGuides, TaggedItems, TaggedListmaniaLists, TagsSummary, and Tags. Using these response groups, you can retrieve tag information for items, guides, and Listmania lists. Tags and TagSummary specify the amount of information returned. The other tag-related response groups, TaggedGuides, TaggedItems, and Tagged ListmaniaLists, specify the kind of entity tagged.

As always, has complete release notes and documentaion.

— Mike

Jeff Barr

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