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New Financial Services Category in the AWS Marketplace

Today we are making the AWS Marketplace even more useful with the addition of a new Financial Services category. You can now find, buy, and immediately start using powerful charting, time synchronization, data visualization, and transaction applications and services.

Here’s a sampling of the offerings in this new category:

ChartIQ is a developer-friendly financial visualization platform. You can use ChartIQ’s rich API to build custom visualizations of market data for any class of financial assets.

FSMLabs TimeKeeper provides high-quality time synchronization over PTP and NTP. It also includes time management and time monitoring functionality.

CloudPrime Secure Trade Confirmations (provided as a service), provides real-time securities tranSaction services that meet even the most rigorous standards for compliance. The platform provides guaranteed delivery of messages, which are monitored and tracked at the file level, with low latency and at high volume.

Kensho Finance (provided as a service) processes massive data sets in real-time and performs investment analysis.

We will be adding more products in the coming weeks and months. If you have a product that belongs in this category, please visit the Selling on AWS Marketplace to learn how to get it listed.

— Jeff;

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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