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New Zealand and Australia

Are you a developer in Australia or New Zealand? In February I’ll be visiting New Zealand and Australia on the first-ever Amazon Web Services evangelism tour. I’m really excited about the trip–especially because I lived in New Zealand briefly many years ago, and have not had the opportunity to visit since.

So far there is a really solid lineup of user groups–ranging from Linux to .NET developers. There are still some daytime slots open on my calendar if you’d like a private meeting, school class presentation, etc.–or if you just want to have tea or coffee. In fact, one Monday evening is still available in Melbourne if you run a user group. Take a look at our Evangelism Wiki and request a meeting if you’re interested.

We’ve made all sorts of recent announcements about new services such as Amazon SimpleDB, so there’s lots for us to have a conversation about!

— Mike

Jeff Barr

Jeff Barr

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