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Speaking in Second Life on Dr. Dobb’s Island

I will be giving an AWS talk in Second Life on Friday, November 30 at Noon PST. The talk will take place at the amphitheater on Dr Dobbs Island. This will be a genuine “talk,” with streamed audio, so make sure that your speakers are working! I am planning to talk about web-scale computing, the […]

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AWS Chat in Second Life, Thursday at 10 AM

Now that the summer is over, the weekly (as my schedule permits) Second Life chats are back. The next one will take place on Thursday September 6th at 10 AM. I will do my best to conduct the chats every Thursday and I hope to meet and converse with you there. We talk about EC2, […]

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Amazon Web Services Developer Chat in Second Life

Many years ago we used to hold weekly developer chats with the AWS community. These chats were fun and informative, even though we used a very limited text-based client. Now its time to try something new and more interactive! We will hold our first-ever Amazon Web Services Developer Chat in Second Life on Wednesday, May […]

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