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Mix, Match, and Mutate

The newest issue of Business Week includes an article called Mix, Match, and Mutate. As the author says, “hordes of volunteer programmers are taking it upon themselves to combine and remix the data and services of unrelated, even competing sites.” In the AWS world we’ve already seen this happen with cool applications such as  Book […]

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WS-Alphabet Soup

As someone once said, the good thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from! Developers building sophisticated applications around web services need to be familiar with many  standards. Right now, savvy developers need to know something about SOAP, HTTP, XML, and perhaps XSLT. As the clients and services become more mission […]

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Beyond WSDL

Many people  find WSDL (and the new WSDL 2) to be hard to create, and hard to use, even with tools and other high-level support. Tim Bray of Sun has been talking about Replacing WSDL. Candidates include Norm Walsh’s NSDL and Tim’s own SMEX-D. It is premature to talk about any Amazon support for these […]

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XML Editors

If you work with data from ECS (or any of the other Amazon services, for that matter) you may want to consider using an XML editor. Here’s an article about open source XML editors. If you are looking for a commercial product, consider Altova’s XML Spy.

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MIT Technology Review Covers AWS

The newest issue of the MIT Technology Review is well worth reading! In an article titled Amazon: Giving Away the Store, they review the history of AWS (as seen from two different vantage points), talk about some interesting sites powered by AWS, and much more. They talked to Amazon insiders and to a number of […]

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