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The New AWS Support API

I have long believed (and spoken about) the fact programmability is one of the attributes that defines a cloud.  The availability of APIs for fundamental cloud features means that you, as a developer, can build tools, utilities, and applications to create cloud resources, track and manage status, and even gain access to usage and billing information.

Today we are adding additional programmability to AWS with the addition of the new AWS Support API. If you are signed up for the Business or Enterprise level of AWS Support, you can use this API to create new support cases, check on the status of open cases, and resolve cases. You can also add and retrieve information for existing cases. The AWS Support API also gives you access to best practices recommendations generated by the AWS Trusted Advisor. You can get the list of checks, access the latest results, and re-run the checks to refresh the results. This has been a much requested feature for customers who wish to integrate support case management into their in-house ticketing systems, and with the release of Support APIs we have delivered on this request.

Support Center Access
All customers have access to the Support Center to open cases with Customer Service and those on a paid support plan (Developer, Business, or Enterprise) can also engage Technical Support through the online portal:

The new CreateCase API allows you to create a new case in the AWS Support center programmatically. You can also call DescribeCases to discover your existing cases, AddCommunicationsToCase to add supplemental information to an open case, and ResolveCase to resolve a case. You can learn more about these APIs in the AWS Support API documentation.

Among other things, you can now integrate your existing case tracking and management systems with AWS Support. I’m sure you will come up with interesting and innovative ways to use these APIs and I look forward to hearing all about them.

AWS Trusted Advisor Access
The AWS Trusted Advisor inspects your AWS environment and makes recommendations when opportunities exist to save money, improve system performance, or close security gaps. You can now access this information through the AWS Support API.

You can call DescribeTrustedAdvisorChecks to learn about the checks performed by the Trusted Advisor, DescribeTrustedAdvisorCheckResult to learn more about the results of a check, or RefreshTrustedAdvisorCheck to request a refresh of a particular check.

Imagine using this set of APIs to build a tuning and optimizing system for AWS! The system can get the results of a check, use the AWS APIs to tune and adjust, and then refresh the check to ensure that it has achieved the desired results.

Call Now
The AWS Support API is available today for Business and Enterprise AWS Support customers.

We have created some code samples to show you how to use the APIs:

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