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AWS Marketplace China now supports AWS CloudFormation to facilitate software deployment

To streamline software deployment on AWS, AWS Marketplace China now supports AMI-based delivery of third-party software using AWS CloudFormation. You can find and subscribe to AMI products that run across a cluster of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. You can also subscribe to AMI products that require additional AWS resources. These include Auto Scaling groups, Elastic Load Balancers (ELB), or Amazon Relational Database Services (Amazon RDS). You can now easily deploy the third-party software using vendor-defined, vetted AWS CloudFormation templates.

How to discover software backed by AWS CloudFormation templates

With this release, you can quickly deploy software using AWS CloudFormation templates. You can search for AMI products backed by AWS CloudFormation templates. To do so, navigate to AWS Marketplace. In the top navigation, under Delivery Methods, choose CloudFormation Stack. You can further refine results by applying additional search filters from the left sidebar, such as vendors, categories, and pricing plans.

When you choose a product, its Product Detail Page shows a list of the AWS resources required to run the AMI product. It also shows an estimate of the monthly infrastructure costs. When you subscribe to the product and choose a vendor-defined AWS CloudFormation template, you are redirected to the AWS CloudFormation console. From there, you can quickly deploy single or multiple instances of the AMI, along with other AWS resources. All AWS CloudFormation templates available in AWS Marketplace China are vetted and scanned for security and availability issues.

Launch partners

The following Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are now offering their software with AWS CloudFormation templates:

Why use AWS CloudFormation stacks

AWS CloudFormation automates the modeling and provisioning of a collection of AWS resources using programming language or a simple text file. Through AWS CloudFormation, AWS Marketplace China enables ISVs to provide products with complex architectures to support more use cases. It also gives customers a simplified deployment experience. For example, a customer might want to implement a software product’s high availability cluster and prevent single points of failure. Using an AWS CloudFormation template, the customer could deploy several software nodes across multiple Availability Zones in the same Region to achieve that.

Moreover, ISVs can integrate their software products with AWS services, such as Amazon RDS and Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) through AWS CloudFormation templates. This enables ISVs to take full advantage of all AWS services and provide improved software performance in addition to more flexible software architecture.

In this software architecture, a VPC with an internet gateway has four subnets are located in two Availability Zones. Two of those are public subnets and indicated with a green background, and two are private subnets, indicated with a blue background. In each of the two public subnets, a set of Amazon EC2 instances is launched with an Auto Scaling group to achieve high software availability. Amazon EFS is mounted to the instance for file data storage and sharing. One Amazon RDS is used for data storage in two private subnets. Refer to the following topology diagram.

To Independent Software Vendors

If you are already selling your products in AWS Marketplace and would like to take advantage of this new option, contact your AWS Business Development Manager. You can also call us via 10100966-8. If you are new to AWS Marketplace China and interested in listing a product in AWS Marketplace China, contact us via the online application form. You can also call the service hotline at 10100966-8.

About AWS Marketplace China

AWS Marketplace China is a curated online digital catalog that makes it easy for customers to find, test, deploy, and manage third-party software. It is available in the AWS China (Beijing) Region and AWS China (Ningxia) Region. AWS Marketplace China now offers over 100 software products across multiple categories, including operating systems, security, networking, data analytics, storage, and business applications.

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To get started with AWS Marketplace China, operated by NWCD, visit:, or learn more from the AWS Marketplace China FAQ page.

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