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Dispatches from re:Invent – Day 1

Matt Yanchyshyn is a Principal Solutions Architect at AWS

The breakout sesisons at AWS re:Invent start on Wednesday, but plenty of people have already arrived and the product announcements have started. In the big data world, the Amazon DynamoDB team announced a sneak preview of an exciting new feature: DynamoDB Streams (  This will allow you to track changes to your DynamoDB tables, opening up a wide range of possibilities–from cross-region replication, to replicating data between different data stores, to metering, billing and more.

In other news, James Hamilton pulled back the curtain just a little bit on how AWS builds its data centers and what our capacity looks like from a network throughput perspective.  The facts and numbers that he shared shed light not only on how AWS operates at massive scale, but also how there are effectively no limits to the size of big data workloads that you can run on AWS.  Stay tuned for much more tomorrow, including updates from the big data bootcamps, partner summit plus snapshots of customer conversations as more people arrive for the event..