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Nexthink scales to trillions of events per day with Amazon MSK

Real-time data streaming and event processing present scalability and management challenges. AWS offers a broad selection of managed real-time data streaming services to effortlessly run these workloads at any scale. In this post, Nexthink shares how Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) empowered them to achieve massive scale in event processing. Experiencing business […]

Exploring real-time streaming for generative AI Applications

Foundation models (FMs) are large machine learning (ML) models trained on a broad spectrum of unlabeled and generalized datasets. FMs, as the name suggests, provide the foundation to build more specialized downstream applications, and are unique in their adaptability. They can perform a wide range of different tasks, such as natural language processing, classifying images, […]

Introducing enhanced functionality for worker configuration management in Amazon MSK Connect

Amazon MSK Connect is a fully managed service for Apache Kafka Connect. With a few clicks, MSK Connect allows you to deploy connectors that move data between Apache Kafka and external systems. MSK Connect now supports the ability to delete MSK Connect worker configurations, tag resources, and manage worker configurations and custom plugins using AWS […]

Build an end-to-end serverless streaming pipeline with Apache Kafka on Amazon MSK using Python

The volume of data generated globally continues to surge, from gaming, retail, and finance, to manufacturing, healthcare, and travel. Organizations are looking for more ways to quickly use the constant inflow of data to innovate for their businesses and customers. They have to reliably capture, process, analyze, and load the data into a myriad of […]

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How VMware Tanzu CloudHealth migrated from self-managed Kafka to Amazon MSK

This is a post co-written with Rivlin Pereira & Vaibhav Pandey from Tanzu CloudHealth (VMware by Broadcom). VMware Tanzu CloudHealth is the cloud cost management platform of choice for more than 20,000 organizations worldwide, who rely on it to optimize and govern their largest and most complex multi-cloud environments. In this post, we discuss how […]

Best practices to implement near-real-time analytics using Amazon Redshift Streaming Ingestion with Amazon MSK

Amazon Redshift is a fully managed, scalable cloud data warehouse that accelerates your time to insights with fast, straightforward, and secure analytics at scale. Tens of thousands of customers rely on Amazon Redshift to analyze exabytes of data and run complex analytical queries, making it the most widely used cloud data warehouse. You can run […]

Simplify data streaming ingestion for analytics using Amazon MSK and Amazon Redshift

Towards the end of 2022, AWS announced the general availability of real-time streaming ingestion to Amazon Redshift for Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK), eliminating the need to stage streaming data in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) before ingesting it into Amazon Redshift. Streaming ingestion from Amazon […]

Secure connectivity patterns for Amazon MSK Serverless cross-account access

Amazon MSK Serverless is a cluster type of Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (Amazon MSK) that makes it straightforward for you to run Apache Kafka without having to manage and scale cluster capacity. MSK Serverless automatically provisions and scales compute and storage resources. With MSK Serverless, you can use Apache Kafka on demand and […]

How Gupshup built their multi-tenant messaging analytics platform on Amazon Redshift

Gupshup is a leading conversational messaging platform, powering over 10 billion messages per month. Across verticals, thousands of large and small businesses in emerging markets use Gupshup to build conversational experiences across marketing, sales, and support. Gupshup’s carrier-grade platform provides a single messaging API for 30+ channels, a rich conversational experience-building tool kit for any […]

Break data silos and stream your CDC data with Amazon Redshift streaming and Amazon MSK

Data loses value over time. We hear from our customers that they’d like to analyze the business transactions in real time. Traditionally, customers used batch-based approaches for data movement from operational systems to analytical systems. Batch load can run once or several times a day. A batch-based approach can introduce latency in data movement and […]