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Create cross-account, custom Amazon Managed Grafana dashboards for Amazon Redshift

Amazon Managed Grafana recently announced a new data source plugin for Amazon Redshift, enabling you to query, visualize, and alert on your Amazon Redshift data from Amazon Managed Grafana workspaces. With the new Amazon Redshift data source, you can now create dashboards and alerts in your Amazon Managed Grafana workspaces to analyze your structured and […]

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Introducing Protocol buffers (protobuf) schema support in AWS Glue Schema Registry

AWS Glue Schema Registry now supports Protocol buffers (protobuf) schemas in addition to JSON and Avro schemas. This allows application teams to use protobuf schemas to govern the evolution of streaming data and centrally control data quality from data streams to data lake. AWS Glue Schema Registry provides an open-source library that includes Apache-licensed serializers […]

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