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Process and analyze highly nested and large XML files using AWS Glue and Amazon Athena

In today’s digital age, data is at the heart of every organization’s success. One of the most commonly used formats for exchanging data is XML. Analyzing XML files is crucial for several reasons. Firstly, XML files are used in many industries, including finance, healthcare, and government. Analyzing XML files can help organizations gain insights into […]

Introducing hybrid access mode for AWS Glue Data Catalog to secure access using AWS Lake Formation and IAM and Amazon S3 policies

To ease the transition of data lake permissions from an IAM and S3 model to Lake Formation, we’re introducing a hybrid access mode for AWS Glue Data Catalog. This feature lets you secure and access the cataloged data using both Lake Formation permissions and IAM and S3 permissions. Hybrid access mode allows data administrators to onboard Lake Formation permissions selectively and incrementally, focusing on one data lake use case at a time. For example, say you have an existing extract, transform and load (ETL) data pipeline that uses the IAM and S3 policies to manage data access. Now you want to allow your data analysts to explore or query the same data using Amazon Athena. You can grant access to the data analysts using Lake Formation permissions, to include fine-grained controls as needed, without changing access for your ETL data pipelines.

Explore visualizations with AWS Glue interactive sessions

AWS Glue interactive sessions offer a powerful way to iteratively explore datasets and fine-tune transformations using Jupyter-compatible notebooks. Interactive sessions enable you to work with a choice of popular integrated development environments (IDEs) in your local environment or with AWS Glue or Amazon SageMaker Studio notebooks on the AWS Management Console, all while seamlessly harnessing […]

Introducing enhanced support for tagging, cross-account access, and network security in AWS Glue interactive sessions

AWS Glue interactive sessions allow you to run interactive AWS Glue workloads on demand, which enables rapid development by issuing blocks of code on a cluster and getting prompt results. This technology is enabled by the use of notebook IDEs, such as the AWS Glue Studio notebook, Amazon SageMaker Studio, or your own Jupyter notebooks. […]

How Chime Financial uses AWS to build a serverless stream analytics platform and defeat fraudsters

This is a guest post by Khandu Shinde, Staff Software Engineer and Edward Paget, Senior Software Engineering at Chime Financial. Chime is a financial technology company founded on the premise that basic banking services should be helpful, easy, and free. Chime partners with national banks to design member first financial products. This creates a more […]

Explore real-world use cases for Amazon CodeWhisperer powered by AWS Glue Studio notebooks

Many customers are interested in boosting productivity in their software development lifecycle by using generative AI. Recently, AWS announced the general availability of Amazon CodeWhisperer, an AI coding companion that uses foundational models under the hood to improve software developer productivity. With Amazon CodeWhisperer, you can quickly accept the top suggestion, view more suggestions, or […]

Operational Data Processing Framework for Modern Data Architectures

Simplify operational data processing in data lakes using AWS Glue and Apache Hudi

AWS has invested in native service integration with Apache Hudi and published technical contents to enable you to use Apache Hudi with AWS Glue (for example, refer to Introducing native support for Apache Hudi, Delta Lake, and Apache Iceberg on AWS Glue for Apache Spark, Part 1: Getting Started). In AWS ProServe-led customer engagements, the use cases we work on usually come with technical complexity and scalability requirements. In this post, we discuss a common use case in relation to operational data processing and the solution we built using Apache Hudi and AWS Glue.

Securely process near-real-time data from Amazon MSK Serverless using an AWS Glue streaming ETL job with IAM authentication

Streaming data has become an indispensable resource for organizations worldwide because it offers real-time insights that are crucial for data analytics. The escalating velocity and magnitude of collected data has created a demand for real-time analytics. This data originates from diverse sources, including social media, sensors, logs, and clickstreams, among others. With streaming data, organizations […]

Extracting key insights from Amazon S3 access logs with AWS Glue for Ray

This blog post presents an architecture solution that allows customers to extract key insights from Amazon S3 access logs at scale. We will partition and format the server access logs with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Glue, a serverless data integration service, to generate a catalog for access logs and create dashboards for insights.

Query your Iceberg tables in data lake using Amazon Redshift (Preview)

Amazon Redshift supports querying a wide variety of data formats, such as CSV, JSON, Parquet, and ORC, and table formats like Apache Hudi and Delta. Amazon Redshift also supports querying nested data with complex data types such as struct, array, and map. With this capability, Amazon Redshift extends your petabyte-scale data warehouse to an exabyte-scale data lake on Amazon S3 in a cost-effective manner. Apache Iceberg is the latest table format that is supported now in preview by Amazon Redshift. In this post, we show you how to query Iceberg tables using Amazon Redshift, and explore Iceberg support and options.