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How Cloudinary transformed their petabyte scale streaming data lake with Apache Iceberg and AWS Analytics

This post is co-written with Amit Gilad, Alex Dickman and Itay Takersman from Cloudinary.  Enterprises and organizations across the globe want to harness the power of data to make better decisions by putting data at the center of every decision-making process. Data-driven decisions lead to more effective responses to unexpected events, increase innovation and allow […]

Design a data mesh pattern for Amazon EMR-based data lakes using AWS Lake Formation with Hive metastore federation

In this post, we delve into the key aspects of using Amazon EMR for modern data management, covering topics such as data governance, data mesh deployment, and streamlined data discovery. One of the key challenges in modern big data management is facilitating efficient data sharing and access control across multiple EMR clusters. Organizations have multiple […]

Introducing Amazon EMR on EKS with Apache Flink: A scalable, reliable, and efficient data processing platform

AWS recently announced that Apache Flink is generally available for Amazon EMR on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). Apache Flink is a scalable, reliable, and efficient data processing framework that handles real-time streaming and batch workloads (but is most commonly used for real-time streaming). Amazon EMR on EKS is a deployment option for Amazon EMR […]

Understanding Apache Iceberg on AWS with the new technical guide

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Apache Iceberg on AWS technical guide. Whether you are new to Apache Iceberg on AWS or already running production workloads on AWS, this comprehensive technical guide offers detailed guidance on foundational concepts to advanced optimizations to build your transactional data lake with Apache Iceberg on AWS.

Dive deep into security management: The Data on EKS Platform

The construction of big data applications based on open source software has become increasingly uncomplicated since the advent of projects like Data on EKS, an open source project from AWS to provide blueprints for building data and machine learning (ML) applications on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). In the realm of big data, securing […]

Use your corporate identities for analytics with Amazon EMR and AWS IAM Identity Center

To enable your workforce users for analytics with fine-grained data access controls and audit data access, you might have to create multiple AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles with different data permissions and map the workforce users to one of those roles. Multiple users are often mapped to the same role where they need […]

Run interactive workloads on Amazon EMR Serverless from Amazon EMR Studio

Starting from release 6.14, Amazon EMR Studio supports interactive analytics on Amazon EMR Serverless. You can now use EMR Serverless applications as the compute, in addition to Amazon EMR on EC2 clusters and Amazon EMR on EKS virtual clusters, to run JupyterLab notebooks from EMR Studio Workspaces. EMR Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) […]


Automate large-scale data validation using Amazon EMR and Apache Griffin

Many enterprises are migrating their on-premises data stores to the AWS Cloud. During data migration, a key requirement is to validate all the data that has been moved from source to target. This data validation is a critical step, and if not done correctly, may result in the failure of the entire project. However, developing […]

How Amazon optimized its high-volume financial reconciliation process with Amazon EMR for higher scalability and performance

Account reconciliation is an important step to ensure the completeness and accuracy of financial statements. Specifically, companies must reconcile balance sheet accounts that could contain significant or material misstatements. Accountants go through each account in the general ledger of accounts and verify that the balance listed is complete and accurate. When discrepancies are found, accountants […]

Run Trino queries 2.7 times faster with Amazon EMR 6.15.0

In this blog, we compare Amazon EMR 6.15.0 with open source Trino 426 and show that TPC-DS queries ran up to 2.7 times faster on Amazon EMR 6.15.0 Trino 426 compared to open source Trino 426. Later, we explain a few of the AWS-developed performance optimizations that contribute to these results.