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Configure cross-Region table access with the AWS Glue Catalog and AWS Lake Formation

Today’s modern data lakes span multiple accounts, AWS Regions, and lines of business in organizations. Companies also have employees and do business across multiple geographic regions and even around the world. It’s important that their data solution gives them the ability to share and access data securely and safely across Regions. The AWS Glue Data […]

Five actionable steps to GDPR compliance (Right to be forgotten) with Amazon Redshift

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) right to be forgotten, also known as the right to erasure, gives individuals the right to request the deletion of their personally identifiable information (PII) data held by organizations. This means that individuals can ask companies to erase their personal data from their systems and any third parties with […]

Implement tag-based access control for your data lake and Amazon Redshift data sharing with AWS Lake Formation

Data-driven organizations treat data as an asset and use it across different lines of business (LOBs) to drive timely insights and better business decisions. Many organizations have a distributed tools and infrastructure across various business units. This leads to having data across many instances of data warehouses and data lakes using a modern data architecture […]

Query your Apache Hive metastore with AWS Lake Formation permissions

Apache Hive is a SQL-based data warehouse system for processing highly distributed datasets on the Apache Hadoop platform. There are two key components to Apache Hive: the Hive SQL query engine and the Hive metastore (HMS). The Hive metastore is a repository of metadata about the SQL tables, such as database names, table names, schema, […]

How Amazon Finance Automation built a data mesh to support distributed data ownership and centralize governance

Amazon Finance Automation (FinAuto) is the tech organization of Amazon Finance Operations (FinOps). Its mission is to enable FinOps to support the growth and expansion of Amazon businesses. It works as a force multiplier through automation and self-service, while providing accurate and on-time payments and collections. FinAuto has a unique position to look across FinOps […]

Harmonize data using AWS Glue and AWS Lake Formation FindMatches ML to build a customer 360 view

In today’s digital world, data is generated by a large number of disparate sources and growing at an exponential rate. Companies are faced with the daunting task of ingesting all this data, cleansing it, and using it to provide outstanding customer experience. Typically, companies ingest data from multiple sources into their data lake to derive […]

High-level data platform expected behavior

How Novo Nordisk built distributed data governance and control at scale

This is a guest post co-written with Jonatan Selsing and Moses Arthur from Novo Nordisk. This is the second post of a three-part series detailing how Novo Nordisk, a large pharmaceutical enterprise, partnered with AWS Professional Services to build a scalable and secure data and analytics platform. The first post of this series describes the […]

Build a transactional data lake using Apache Iceberg, AWS Glue, and cross-account data shares using AWS Lake Formation and Amazon Athena

Building a data lake on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) provides numerous benefits for an organization. It allows you to access diverse data sources, build business intelligence dashboards, build AI and machine learning (ML) models to provide customized customer experiences, and accelerate the curation of new datasets for consumption by adopting a modern data […]

How Morningstar used tag-based access controls in AWS Lake Formation to manage permissions for an Amazon Redshift data warehouse

This post was co-written by Ashish Prabhu, Stephen Johnston, and Colin Ingarfield at Morningstar and Don Drake, at AWS. With “Empowering Investor Success” as the core motto, Morningstar aims at providing our investors and advisors with the tools and information they need to make informed investment decisions. In this post, Morningstar’s Data Lake Team Leads […]

shows a simplified data mesh architecture with a single producer account, a centralized governance account, and a single consumer account

AWS Glue crawlers support cross-account crawling to support data mesh architecture

Data lakes have come a long way, and there’s been tremendous innovation in this space. Today’s modern data lakes are cloud native, work with multiple data types, and make this data easily available to diverse stakeholders across the business. As time has gone by, data lakes have grown significantly and have evolved to data meshes […]