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Uplevel your data architecture with real- time streaming using Amazon Data Firehose and Snowflake

Today’s fast-paced world demands timely insights and decisions, which is driving the importance of streaming data. Streaming data refers to data that is continuously generated from a variety of sources. The sources of this data, such as clickstream events, change data capture (CDC), application and service logs, and Internet of Things (IoT) data streams are […]

Amazon DataZone announces integration with AWS Lake Formation hybrid access mode for the AWS Glue Data Catalog

Last week, we announced the general availability of the integration between Amazon DataZone and AWS Lake Formation hybrid access mode. In this post, we share how this new feature helps you simplify the way you use Amazon DataZone to enable secure and governed sharing of your data in the AWS Glue Data Catalog. We also […]

Amazon DataZone now integrates with AWS Glue Data Quality and external data quality solutions

Today, we are pleased to announce that Amazon DataZone is now able to present data quality information for data assets. This information empowers end-users to make informed decisions as to whether or not to use specific assets. In this post, we discuss the latest features of Amazon DataZone for data quality, the integration between Amazon DataZone and AWS Glue Data Quality and how you can import data quality scores produced by external systems into Amazon DataZone via API.

Enhance monitoring and debugging for AWS Glue jobs using new job observability metrics, Part 3: Visualization and trend analysis using Amazon QuickSight

In Part 2 of this series, we discussed how to enable AWS Glue job observability metrics and integrate them with Grafana for real-time monitoring. Grafana provides powerful customizable dashboards to view pipeline health. However, to analyze trends over time, aggregate from different dimensions, and share insights across the organization, a purpose-built business intelligence (BI) tool […]

Introducing enhanced functionality for worker configuration management in Amazon MSK Connect

Amazon MSK Connect is a fully managed service for Apache Kafka Connect. With a few clicks, MSK Connect allows you to deploy connectors that move data between Apache Kafka and external systems. MSK Connect now supports the ability to delete MSK Connect worker configurations, tag resources, and manage worker configurations and custom plugins using AWS […]

Run Trino queries 2.7 times faster with Amazon EMR 6.15.0

In this blog, we compare Amazon EMR 6.15.0 with open source Trino 426 and show that TPC-DS queries ran up to 2.7 times faster on Amazon EMR 6.15.0 Trino 426 compared to open source Trino 426. Later, we explain a few of the AWS-developed performance optimizations that contribute to these results.

Announcing data filtering for Amazon Aurora MySQL zero-ETL integration with Amazon Redshift

AWS is now announcing data filtering on zero-ETL integrations, enabling you to bring in selective data from the database instance on zero-ETL integrations between Amazon Aurora MySQL and Amazon Redshift. This feature allows you to select individual databases and tables to be replicated to your Redshift data warehouse for analytics use cases. In this post, we provide an overview of use cases where you can use this feature, and provide step-by-step guidance on how to get started with near real time operational analytics using this feature.

Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink now supports Apache Flink version 1.18

Apache Flink is an open source distributed processing engine, offering powerful programming interfaces for both stream and batch processing, with first-class support for stateful processing and event time semantics. Apache Flink supports multiple programming languages, Java, Python, Scala, SQL, and multiple APIs with different level of abstraction, which can be used interchangeably in the same […]

Introducing Terraform support for Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion

Today, we are launching Terraform support for Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion. Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool that helps you build, deploy, and manage cloud resources efficiently. OpenSearch Ingestion is a fully managed, serverless data collector that delivers real-time log, metric, and trace data to Amazon OpenSearch Service domains and Amazon OpenSearch Serverless collections. […]

Introducing Amazon MWAA support for Apache Airflow version 2.8.1

Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (Amazon MWAA) is a managed orchestration service for Apache Airflow that makes it straightforward to set up and operate end-to-end data pipelines in the cloud. Organizations use Amazon MWAA to enhance their business workflows. For example, C2i Genomics uses Amazon MWAA in their data platform to orchestrate the validation […]