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Simplify your query management with search templates in Amazon OpenSearch Service

Amazon OpenSearch Service is an Apache-2.0-licensed distributed search and analytics suite offered by AWS. This fully managed service allows organizations to secure data, perform keyword and semantic search, analyze logs, alert on anomalies, explore interactive log analytics, implement real-time application monitoring, and gain a more profound understanding of their information landscape. OpenSearch Service provides the […]

Amazon OpenSearch H2 2023 in review

2023 was been a busy year for Amazon OpenSearch Service! Learn more about the releases that OpenSearch Service launched in the first half of 2023. In the second half of 2023, OpenSearch Service added the support of two new OpenSearch versions: 2.9 and 2.11 These two versions introduce new features in the search space, machine […]

Build a RAG data ingestion pipeline for large-scale ML workloads

For building any generative AI application, enriching the large language models (LLMs) with new data is imperative. This is where the Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) technique comes in. RAG is a machine learning (ML) architecture that uses external documents (like Wikipedia) to augment its knowledge and achieve state-of-the-art results on knowledge-intensive tasks. For ingesting these […]

In-stream anomaly detection with Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion and Amazon OpenSearch Serverless

Unsupervised machine learning analytics has emerged as a powerful tool for anomaly detection in today’s data-rich landscape, especially with the growing volume of machine-generated data. In-stream anomaly detection offers real-time insights into data anomalies, enabling proactive response. Amazon OpenSearch Serverless focuses on delivering seamless scalability and management of search workloads; Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion complements this […]

Petabyte-scale log analytics with Amazon S3, Amazon OpenSearch Service, and Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion

Organizations often need to manage a high volume of data that is growing at an extraordinary rate. At the same time, they need to optimize operational costs to unlock the value of this data for timely insights and do so with a consistent performance. With this massive data growth, data proliferation across your data stores, […]

Introducing Terraform support for Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion

Today, we are launching Terraform support for Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion. Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool that helps you build, deploy, and manage cloud resources efficiently. OpenSearch Ingestion is a fully managed, serverless data collector that delivers real-time log, metric, and trace data to Amazon OpenSearch Service domains and Amazon OpenSearch Serverless collections. […]

Use Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion to migrate to Amazon OpenSearch Serverless

Amazon OpenSearch Serverless is an on-demand auto scaling configuration for Amazon OpenSearch Service. Since its release, the interest for OpenSearch Serverless had been steadily growing. Customers prefer to let the service manage its capacity automatically rather than having to manually provision capacity. Until now, customers have had to rely on using custom code or third-party […]

Enable advanced search capabilities for Amazon Keyspaces data by integrating with Amazon OpenSearch Service

In this post, we explore the process of integrating Amazon Keyspaces and Amazon OpenSearch Service using AWS Lambda and Amazon OpenSearch Ingestion to enable advanced search capabilities. The content includes a reference architecture, a step-by-step guide on infrastructure setup, sample code for implementing the solution within a use case, and an AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS CDK) application for deployment.

Solution overview

Build SAML identity federation for Amazon OpenSearch Service domains within a VPC

Amazon OpenSearch Service is a fully managed search and analytics service powered by the Apache Lucene search library that can be operated within a virtual private cloud (VPC). A VPC is a virtual network that’s dedicated to your AWS account. It’s logically isolated from other virtual networks in the AWS Cloud. Placing an OpenSearch Service […]