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Migrate data into Amazon ES using remote reindex

Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) recently launched support for remote reindexing. This feature adds the ability to copy data to an Amazon ES domain from self-managed Elasticsearch running on-premises, self-managed on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) on AWS, or another Amazon ES domain. Remote reindex supports Elasticsearch 1.5 and higher for the remote Elasticsearch […]

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Export and import Kibana dashboards with Amazon ES

Kibana is a popular open-source visualization tool designed to work with Elasticsearch. Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) provides an installation of Kibana with every Amazon ES domain. Users of Kibana can create visualizations and add them into a dashboard. As organizations invest time and resources into creating these dashboards, the need arises to reuse these […]

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Power data analytics, monitoring, and search use cases with the Open Distro for Elasticsearch SQL Engine on Amazon ES

Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) is a popular choice for log analytics, search, real-time application monitoring, clickstream analysis, and more. One commonality among these use cases is the need to write and run queries to obtain search results at lightning speed. However, doing so requires expertise in the JSON-based Elasticsearch query domain-specific language (Query DSL). […]

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