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Seattle AWS Big Data Meetup: Building Smart Healthcare Applications on AWS

Please join us at the upcoming Seattle AWS Big Data Meetup on Wednesday, August 31. The topic is “Building Smart Healthcare Apps on AWS,” with a spotlight on machine learning.

Join now and get details on the Meetup page

Lisa McFerrin, PhD, Bioinformatics is a Project Manager for Seattle Translational Tumor Research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She will speak about Oncoscape, an open-source web application used to apply and develop analysis tools for molecular and clinical data.  Oncoscape enables researchers to discover new patterns and relationships to advance cancer research.

Chris Crosbie is a Solutions Architect with AWS and a statistician by training. In his talk, you will learn about building smart healthcare applications with AWS and the Amazon Machine Learning Service (see this blog post for background). The presentation will focus on a common problem faced by the healthcare industry: reducing patient readmissions.

We invite you to think about the following quesitons in advance:

  1. What smart applications, if any, have you heard about–or built yourself–that use big data solutions to address challenges in healthcare?
  1. Based on your understanding of machine learning, how can machine learning help you address the specific opportunities and challenges that your organization faces?

If you’re new to machine learning or smart healthcare applications, check out the following:

Amazon Machine Learning (Provides background on machine learning in general and Amazon Machine Learning in particular)

Building a Numeric Regression Model with Amazon Machine Learning (Do-it-now tutorial for building a solution to one of the most common machine learning use cases)

Readmission Prediction Through Patient Risk Stratification Using Amazon Machine Learning (We’ll discuss this post during the Meetup)

Cloud Computing in Healthcare (Learn more about building smart healthcare solutions on AWS)

See you there!