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AWS Lambda sessions at re:Invent 2016

Vyom Nagrani Vyom Nagrani, Manager of Product Management, AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda was announced on 13th Nov, 2014, which makes us 2 years old today! We have come a long way in these last 2 years, with many small and big customers using AWS Lambda in production, many new features, and a broader partner network.

Come talk to the AWS Lambda team at re:Invent 2016, where we plan to host a re:Source Mini Con at The Mirage focused on Serverless Computing. The AWS Lambda subject matter experts and existing AWS Lambda customers will be presenting on the following breakout sessions:

Breakout Sessions at Serveless Computing Mini Con

  • SVR202 – What’s New with AWS Lambda
  • SVR301 – Real-time Data Processing Using AWS Lambda
  • SVR302 – Optimizing the Data Tier in Serverless Web Applications
  • SVR303 – Coca-Cola: Running Serverless Applications with Enterprise Requirements
  • SVR304 – bots + serverless = ❤
  • SVR305 – ↑↑↓↓←→←→ BA Lambda Start
  • SVR306 – Serverless Computing Patterns at Expedia
  • SVR307 – Application Lifecycle Management in a Serverless World
  • SVR308 – Content and Data Platforms at Vevo: Rebuilding and Scaling from Zero in One Year
  • SVR311 – The State of Serverless Computing
  • SVR401 – Using AWS Lambda to Build Control Systems for Your AWS Infrastructure
  • SVR402 – Operating Your Production API

There will be many other breakout sessions in other tracks that talk about AWS Lambda, a few ones I’d like to highlight are:

Additional Breakout Sessions related to AWS Lambda

  • ALX302 – Build a Serverless Back End for Your Alexa-Based Voice Interactions
  • ARC202 – Accenture Cloud Platform Serverless Journey
  • ARC312 – Compliance Architecture: How Capital One Automates the Guard Rails for 6,000 Developers
  • BDM303 – JustGiving: Serverless Data Pipelines, Event-Driven ETL, and Stream Processing
  • CMP211 – Getting Started with Serverless Architectures
  • DAT309 – How Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and Scopely Improved Results and Reduced Costs with a Serverless Architecture
  • DEV205 – Monitoring, Hold the Infrastructure: Getting the Most from AWS Lambda
  • DEV301 – Amazon CloudWatch Logs and AWS Lambda: A Match Made in Heaven
  • DEV308 – Chalice: A Serverless Microframework for Python

Feel you know enough about AWS Lambda, and would rather build something on top of it? We will also be hosting the following Workshops:

Workshops related to AWS Lambda

  • SPL02 – Spotlight Lab: Serverless Architectures Using Amazon CloudWatch Events and Scheduled Events with AWS Lambda
  • ALX203 – Workshop: Creating Voice Experiences with Alexa Skills: From Idea to Testing in Two Hours
  • DCS205 – Workshop: Building Serverless Bots on AWS – Botathon
  • SVR309 – Wild Rydes Takes Off – The Dawn of a New Unicorn
  • SVR310 – All Your Chats are Belong to Bots: Building a Serverless Customer Service Bot
  • MBL305 – Developing Mobile Apps and Serverless Microservices for Enterprises using AWS
  • MBL306 – Serverless Authentication and Authorization: Identity Management for Serverless Architectures

Still have questions, join us for an open Q&A session at the Dev Lounge at the Venetian at 3:00 pm on Thursday 12/1. And of course, we will be at the AWS Booth at re:Invent Central at the Expo hall, come talk to us at the Compute table.

Looking forward to meeting you at re:Invent 2016!