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Displaying position in queue for chat customers

When customers reach out for support using chat they will often need support from an agent. Setting expectations on when an agent will be available to assist helps keep customers engaged. Contact centers can inform customers about their position in queue to keep the customer informed. Using this solution, you can keep your Amazon Connect […]

Redacting sensitive data in the chat message streaming API for Amazon Connect

Introduction Organizations today strive to provide increasingly personalized customer journeys. For example, up-selling new products based on history of interest in related products. Data collection drives the ability for businesses to personalize – data is valuable and the more collected, the more impact a personalized experience can have. Businesses must be able however to balance […]

Enable chat in Salesforce Experience Cloud with Amazon Connect

Chat is becoming a preferred channel for customer interactions. Salesforce Experience Cloud (SEC) helps companies create websites, storefronts, and mobile apps. SEC can personalize customer engagement with pre-built templates. It offers self-service capabilities, and integrates with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Adding Amazon Connect chat to SEC allows you to experience high-quality digital interactions. SEC […]

Easily set up interactive messages for your Amazon Connect chatbot

As businesses increasingly use digital channels for customer service, they are more regularly turning to chatbots to deliver fast, positive customer experiences while reducing costs. Whether the customer has a question about a product feature, billing issue, or product return, an interactive chatbot helps them avoid wait times and get clear answers quickly. However, many […]