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Eyewitness to history: Watching as the cloud transforms customer experience

A contact center solution and a contact center career, on parallel trajectories Today, customer experience (CX) is the fate of the business. In a more virtual world where customers and sellers interact less often in person, the contact center is the CX. The cloud has driven a dual paradigm shift, elevating not only what customers […]

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Programmatically search for users using an API in Amazon Connect

User management is a critical component of a contact center. Typical use cases include creating and updating user profiles. However, another significant use case is searching for and reporting on these users based on unique characteristics such as their profiles or tags. Amazon Connect now provides an API using which customers can search for contact […]

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How to play prompts in an Amazon Connect contact flow from an Amazon S3 bucket

Amazon Connect, our cloud contact center on demand, allows playing prompts uploaded to the Amazon Connect instance, or playing dynamic TTS prompts (Text to Speech) using Amazon Polly. This works well for the majority of customers; however, some need to use prompts without going through the Amazon Connect admin user interface for various reasons. For […]

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Easily monitor call quality with Amazon Connect

When managing your contact center, call quality has a significant impact on the customer experience. If your agents take calls on Amazon Connect using the softphone over the internet, the audio quality is typically high. However, changes in networking conditions can result in varying audio quality from factors such as increased latency or packet loss.

By capturing and storing real-time call metrics, you can proactively monitor call quality. In this blog, we describe a solution which captures real-time metrics from the Amazon Connect softphone, creates easily understandable dashboards from the metrics, and makes this data searchable for further analysis.

The dashboards give your contact center supervisors and operators insights into the customer experience from both a business and operational lens. They can help you answer questions like how many calls are abnormally short, how many calls experience poor audio quality, and other common operational questions. This allows your business to take actions to improve the customer experience.

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Three signature Amazon Connect moments from 2021

At the outset of 2021, businesses and customers looked forward to returning to ‘normal’ business operations and customer interactions. For contact center leaders, anticipating and responding to ever-changing customer needs remains a top business priority. Along with continuous change, continuous innovation has also become the norm – thanks in a big way to cloud-driven digital […]

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Easily create and visualize post chat surveys with Amazon Connect and Amazon Lex

Contact centers face a challenge of having to constantly improve on the contact center experience based on customer feedback. In order to so, it is important that contact centers collect reliable and measurable data. Contact centers can implement post chat customer satisfaction surveys that allow for actionable feedback on user experience and agent performance. Customer […]

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Last Agent and Last Queue Routing on Amazon Connect for Returning Callers

Introduction In our previous blog, we discussed how Amazon Connect customer profiles provides a simple, consistent way to manage customer’s experience for repeat callers with features like personalized prompts, last agent, and last queue routing. For customers looking to personalize the experience of repeat callers, but are unable or not wanting to use customer profiles, this […]

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Make predictive and progressive calls using Amazon Connect high-volume outbound communications

Many businesses today are constrained by legacy contact center technologies that only allow inbound communications, which forces them to rely on separate applications and tools to reach customers with outbound communications. Integrating tools for outbound communications into contact centers is time consuming, expensive, and difficult to manage because each outbound communication channel (calls, texts, or […]

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Monitor the health of phone numbers in Amazon Connect

When managing your contact center, knowing if your claimed phone number is customer reachable in Amazon Connect instead of a busy signal or a “not in service” message is crucial to your business.  Your phone number(s) might become unreachable due to various unforeseen circumstances like carrier issue, release of phone number, and others. This blog […]

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Building a real time customer sentiment email notification system using Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, Amazon EventBridge and Amazon Simple Notification System

Providing great customer service is a key business differentiator in today’s highly competitive world in which we live. Typically, businesses measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) with post call surveys and reviewing of call recordings, both of which have their own associated challenges. CSAT surveys typically suffer from low response rates, can be subject to bias and […]

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