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Retaining caller ID for external call transfers in Amazon Connect

Retaining caller ID for external call transfers in Amazon Connect

In the context of a transfer call scenario from a contact center, the company’s provisioned phone number is typically the outbound caller ID. However, certain scenarios require preserving the original caller ID throughout the transfer process, allowing the receiving party to identify the initial caller. Amazon Connect provides flexible outbound calling capabilities through queues. The […]

Securely pass the customer information to agent using Amazon Connect in-app, web, and video calling

Companies often add self-service capabilities to their websites or mobile applications, such as frequently asked questions (FAQs) or knowledge articles, to help customers address their queries. When that customer escalates to a live agent for help, they are often asked to repeat the same information they may have entered or browsed on the app or […]

Real-time data export of Amazon Connect Customer Profiles to Salesforce using Amazon Kinesis

Real-time data export of Amazon Connect Customer Profiles to Salesforce using Amazon Kinesis

Introduction Amazon Connect Customer Profiles helps companies deliver faster and personalized customer service in contact centers. This is achieved by providing agents and automated experiences (e.g., IVR) instant access to customer information without the latency and costs of integrating data from multiple systems (SaaS apps, databases, etc). Companies can bring data from over eighty application […]

Deter spam callers using amazon connect

Deter spam callers using Amazon Connect

Contact centers often receive illegitimate phone calls where the caller is pretending to be someone else by using an existing customer’s phone number. While you might simply fail a check on a web site because you don’t have the right credentials, contact center agents are trained to be polite even when something seems amiss, so […]

Amazon Connect | Automatically evaluate agent interactions using Amazon Connect APIs

Automatically evaluate agent interactions using Amazon Connect APIs

Introduction Contact center managers are frequently challenged with accurately identifying coaching needs for agents in order to improve agent-customer interactions. In order to address this issue, Amazon Connect provides set of a set of performance evaluation capabilities that allow automating both form creation and evaluation processes to further reduce manual processes required in evaluating agents. […]

Multiple SAML identity providers for a single Amazon Connect instance

Identity management is a framework of policies and technologies to ensure that the right users have the appropriate access to technology resources. Identity management for an Amazon Connect instance can be configured in one of the three ways: By storing users in Amazon Connect By linking to an existing directory By using SAML 2.0-based authentication […]

Event based outbound campaigns with Amazon Connect

Organizations use contact centers to answer inbound calls and initiate outbound communication to their customers. Use cases for outbound communications include appointment reminders, telemarketing, subscription renewals, billing reminders, and follow-up calls. Customer preferences determine the communication channel (voice, messaging, or email) used in outbound campaigns. Contact center managers often use different applications for each channel […]

Manage prompts programmatically with Amazon Connect

Introduction Contact centers use prompts to interact with customers, to obtain information from customers and to provide updates to customers. Prompts are recorded audio files played in call flows. Contact center administrators need to react quickly to the business needs by adding new prompts or changing existing prompts. Tracking and managing large numbers of prompts […]

Monitor real-time metrics using granular access controls in Amazon Connect

Introduction Contact center supervisors, managers, compliance, workforce analysts, and others monitor the real-time performance of their contact center, including agent, queue, and routing profile performance, using the real-time metrics dashboard in the Amazon Connect console. Furthermore, as mentioned in the previous blog post, organizations today are challenged by an evolving privacy and regulatory landscape, which […]

Investigate Amazon Connect API activity across your organization using AWS CloudTrail and Amazon Athena

Following AWS’s best practices on multi-account strategy, customers launch and maintain their Amazon Connect instances across multiple accounts and Regions depending upon their products, groups, departments, etc. This allows individual business owners, developers, engineers etc. to make changes to their own independent Amazon Connect environments. In such a scenario, customers need a central mechanism to […]