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How to work with Cluster Mode on Amazon ElastiCache for Redis

In this post, I will describe how you can leverage ElastiCache for Redis with cluster mode enabled to enhance reliability and availability with little change to your existing workload. Cluster Mode comes with the primary benefit of horizontal scaling up and down of your Redis cluster, with almost zero impact on the performance of the cluster, as I will demonstrate later. If you have ever encountered a Redis cluster that is over or under-provisioned or just want to better understand its inner workings, please read on.

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Automated Query Caching into Amazon ElastiCache for Amazon RDS, Aurora and Redshift

This is a guest blog post by Roland Lee with Heimdall Data, an AWS Advanced Technology partner. With Data and Analytics Competency, Heimdall Data offers a database proxy on the AWS Marketplace and supports SQL query caching into Amazon ElastiCache for Redis without code changes. Customers will improve application response times and database scale for Amazon Aurora, […]

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